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Have cool stuff to sell? Join our Spring 2019 Pop Up Shop!

Have cool stuff to sell? Join our Spring 2019 Pop Up Shop!

Have cool stuff to sell? Join the OFW Pop Up Shop! Boutiques, designers and brands are welcome to be part of this unique shopping experience during the Spring 2019 Season of Omaha Fashion Week. Feb. 25-Mar. 2, 2019.

August 2016 Finale Designers Announced!


August 2016 Finale Designers Announced!

We are ready to reveal the 12 phenomenal designers who made it into the line-up for the VIP Runway Finale on August 27!   “We have an outstanding group of Finale designers,” said OFW Producer, Brook Hudson. “Only two-tenths of a point separated the designers in the finale from those did not make it – competition was tough!” Read on...


Prada, Gucci, Valentino Oh My!


Prada, Gucci, Valentino Oh My!

You guys.  The Omaha Design Center will be hosting a two day sample sale, July 6-7, of designer label clothing at 60-80% off retail. And it's all fall/winter you can get that fab outfit for OFW and stock your closet for next season all in one fell swoop.  Check out the details...


Open Letter to OPS Board of Education: Keep Fashion in the Curriculum

Hey everyone!  It looks like an assistant superintendent at Omaha Public Schools is proposing the elimination of all clothing and fashion classes over the next two years. The Board of Education votes on the proposal Monday, May 18.  If you are as passionate as we are about keeping creativity in schools, please consider writing to the OPS board TODAY. The decision will impact thousands of kids from all socio-economic backgrounds who have an interest in fashion.  At OFW, we believe the life skills, job experience and leadership training kids receive through fashion education will benefit them no matter what career path they choose. Check out this letter written by OFW Producer Brook Hudson for some inspiration as you write your own.  Click here for a link to the list of OPS Board of Education members. Dear OPS Board of Education Members:

I am the producer of Omaha Fashion Week and it has come to my attention that you will be voting on a curriculum change that would eliminate fashion classes in Omaha Public Schools.  I've been involved in our local fashion scene for eight years and want to share with you some information about what's happening in Omaha related to fashion and how your very own students are involved and benefiting:

-Omaha hosts the nation's fifth largest fashion event in the US - Omaha Fashion Week.  OFW is bigger than events taking place in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Chicago. -Over 1,000 young people participate in biannual fashion events (August and March) as designers, models, stylists, hair dressers, makeup artists, visual artists, stage managers, personal assistants, reporters, photographers and videographers.  They gain leadership training and real-world job experience through these activities. -9,000 attendees support this activity each year as Omaha Fashion Week ticketholders -Omaha has become known nationally as the fashion scene with the highest concentration of high school designers.  We regularly see students who go on to top fashion schools around the world, taking with them extensive portfolios and leadership experience through our programs. -Omaha Fashion Camp takes place each summer and exposes 60 young people, ages 6-17, to the many career paths available in the fashion industry. -The Fashion Institute Midwest, a non-profit organization, is actively involved in supporting young people with an interest in fashion by providing materials grants, educational opportunities and mentoring. -The Kent Bellows Mentoring Program at the Joslyn Museum has been running a fashion program for several years now to foster the creativity of budding fashion designers. -4-H has a long history of teaching craftsmanship and proper construction to students across the state of Nebraska. -SAC Federal Credit Union has recently launched a program to provide business advice and micro-loans to small fashion startups.

I understand that there is an emphasis in schools to prepare students for "high income, high demand" jobs.  This means more focus on subjects like math and science.  Shockingly enough, there is quite a bit of math, science and even engineering involved in fashion. Learning how to create a garment challenges a young person's spatial awareness, understanding of material properties/fiber content and even fundamental skills such as using a ruler.  For many of these students, fashion is an entry point for gaining an understanding of these concepts. Our experience with Fashion Camp opened our eyes to just how powerful the topic of fashion can be in bringing these abstract and technical concepts to life for young people.

Fashion classes also prepare students for so much more than a future in fashion design.  Let's be honest...becoming a big name designer is about as difficult as becoming a professional athlete and the rise to the top often starts with many unpaid internships and low-paying jobs.  However, there are many career paths in the fashion industry that don't involve design and sewing know-how, and are much more lucrative and accessible locally than you might realize.  Fashion is a multi-disciplinary industry that incorporates business, marketing, journalism, photography, videography and graphic design, in addition to vocational fields such as hair dressing and makeup artistry.  There are also research-based fields that overlap with fashion, such as consumer psychology and human geography. The intersection of tech and fashion is also an interesting area yielding high paying jobs for young people. Fashion entrepreneurship and retail is yet another path. With the ubiquity of the internet, it is now possible for a young person to start a business and gain access to a world-wide audience.  There are already several examples of this happening right here in Omaha.  The best part?  These talented young people don't have to leave our city to have a career in the industry that interests them...and through our vibrant fashion ecosystem, they now have the support they need to explore their interests and showcase their work on a world-class runway.

Given all of this, you might be asking why it is necessary to keep fashion in the curriculum.  OPS fashion programs are a pipeline for new talent entering the Omaha fashion ecosystem.  These classes are often the starting point and a place where students of all socio-economic backgrounds can build confidence and skills to the point where extracurricular fashion activities become a goal. Without that first step in the classroom, many students will never know what is available to them in their own backyard.  Thus, they will miss out on the valuable skills and life lessons that can be learned along the way to a career, whether in fashion or another industry.  What they learn through these experiences is applicable in almost any field.

I believe America's great competitive advantage on the world stage is the creativity of its people. Outsourcing of jobs that can be automated will continue to be a threat to this generation.  We owe it to ALL of our kids to provide opportunities to flex their creative muscles in school. Fashion programming is a great way to do that.  On behalf of the entire Omaha fashion community, I ask that you vote to keep fashion classes in the OPS curriculum.

Sincerely, Brook Hudson, MBA Producer, Omaha Fashion Week

Fashion Institute Guild Exclusive: Looks from the Runway

Last night, we sipped champagne with the beautiful people of the Fashion Institute Guild, learning how to transform runway fashion into something you could actually wear on a daily basis.  The presentation was given by Guild President, Alyssa Dilts of Develop Model Management and Guild Board Member, Autumn Foland of Design Parliament.  I loved this presentation because they not only showed pictures and videos, but they also had live models showing looks that I could actually wear! It makes such a difference seeing the look live on a model.

Quick review of Spring 2015:

The big closet-friendly theme from the S/S 2015 runways is Athleisure. This trend became a "thing" when ladies wanted to look good coming from the gym.  They needed the versatility of a workout look that could go from the gym to a business lunch.  Suddenly, we saw leather bombers paired with yoga pants and smart bags...and then the $200 track suit bottom was born.  From Target to McQueen, this trend is here to stay.  You'll see Athleisure looks made out of everything from scuba fabric, to tennis shoe fabric, to cashmere spun with cotton and spandex. Its hallmarks are versatility and performance...meaning sweat-wicking properties, stretch and durability. These high-tech fabrics can be seen in dresses, skirts and tops as well as the traditional track suit.

The key to pulling this look off is to make it look purposeful.  It can easily go "Momma June" if you aren't careful with how you put it together.  Be wary of the see-through yoga pant, which really isn't a pant at all.  Pay attention to the fabric and buy quality to avoid an unintended wardrobe malfunction. Good news is, you can buy Athleisure pieces at just about any clothing retailer...Omaha options include Target, Renu at Shoppes at Legacy and Design Parliament.

Fall/Winter 2015:

Designers really took an introspective approach to this season.  Especially after Anna Wintour announced that "trend" was a dirty word.  Designers are speaking to the woman who wants to purchase an investment piece and define her own style, and they've (designers) gone back to the roots of their respective fashion houses.  Rather than focusing on trend, they are working with the ideas of individual styling and how a woman presents herself authentically to the world. Despite all of that, there were some themes that surfaced...

  • Leather: We saw it in bright colors and feminine silhouettes this spring, but it's coming back in dark colors and longer lengths for fall.  We are seeing it mixed with suede, accented with fringe and cut with square shoulders for a more androgynous effect.
  • Car wash skirts and flared pants are the "it" silhouettes of the season. Glad I didn't get rid of all my flared pants from if I could just fit into them!
  • 70's Boho is not going away any time soon. Ponchos, chunky knits, lace, shearling, velvet.
  • Accessories of the moment: Statement earrings and geeky glasses.

Alyssa and Autumn also covered what we can look forward to in menswear:

  • Athleisure: Track suits and trainers, some with a ballet flair
  • More focus on day wear and a movement away from evening wear to more accurately reflect the lives of real men.

If you are interested in getting the inside track on the fashion scene - from the runways of Omaha to Paris - I strongly recommend joining the Fashion Institute Guild! Benefits include invites to exclusive events like this, plus special deals on OFW tickets and other exciting fashion happenings. Join the  Fashion Institute Guild  here!

August 2015 VIP Swag Bags!

March was a huge success for Omaha Fashion Week and all those who participated!  F/W 2015 collections have been shown, and we're now preparing for S/S 2015 shows that will take place in August. With that being said, we're looking for great companies with great products and/or services to be a part of our VIP “Swag Bags" again.  All Saturday night (OFW Finale) ticketholders will receive an Omaha Fashion Week “Swag Bag” at the S/S 2015 show this August, and we want you to help make it fabulous.  This is an awesome opportunity for you to reach a large audience—an audience that will absolutely love your product(s).

Requirements 1. Must be able to provide an item or product in the quantity of 750. 2. Must be a tangible product or offer that adds value. 3. Products must be sent to the OFW office (107 S 55th St., Omaha, NE 68132) no later than August 10th.

Some past examples of products are... -Travel or full size hair and makeup products (shampoo & conditioner, mini mascara, lip gloss) -Edible items (cookies, dog treats, coffee beans, cupcakes, gum/mints) -Special offers (spa treatments, clothing store discounts) -Other items (candles, shot glasses, nail polish)

Below is the link you can follow to fill out an application!  It will close August 3rd.

Atomic Bombshells Wins Top Boutique Award at Methodist & Younkers Survivor Show

Atomic Bombshells wins SAC Federal Credit Union Top Boutique award.  Photo by AJ Brown. One hundred cancer survivors took to the runway for the Methodist & Younkers Survivor Show at OFW on March 11, representing 18 Omaha retailers.  Part of proceeds from ticket sales benefit the Inner Beauty Salon at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center.  Inner Beauty is a specialty salon that works with cancer patients on their appearance while undergoing treatment.  Check out this news clip from KETV News Watch Seven's Alexandra Stone to learn more.  You can get involved with Inner Beauty Salon by donating here.

Congratulations to the recipient of the Top Boutique Award, Atomic Bombshells!  Boutique owner, Andrea Hurtt, won a $500 prize provided by SAC Federal Credit Union.

Read the Omaha World Herald runway wrap up. Check out last night's Borsheims Red Carpet photos by Herb Thompson!

Booth and Platform Presenters at OFW

Omaha Fashion Week is quickly approaching and along with the shows we have some awesome retailers joining in on the fashion fun! BeYourself Boutique (March 13-14th)

Pretty In Patina (March 10-15th)

318 On The Avenue (March 11th and March 14th)

Alletti Jewelry (March 14th)

It! Works, Becky Jochim (March 14th)

The Ugly Sister Boutique(March 13th)

Atomic Bombshells (March 13th)

Declared (March 13th)

Nebraska Cancer Coalition: The Bed is Dead(March 11th)

Younkers(March 11th)


BeYourself Boutique

10991045_10153226227096874_1723200420004879773_nBeYourself Boutique will be joining us the Friday and 10981616_10153226226906874_4071854235515138063_nSaturday night of OFW with some of the latest trends. Be sure to stop into their Omaha or Lincoln location to pick up some great new active wear that is perfect for more than just working out.These transitional pieces are perfect for going from yoga to coffee with your girlfriends!


Pretty In Patina

10978601_338639059669922_3497006831122902404_n If you are looking for accessories for Omaha Fashion Week , Pretty in Patina  is your one stop shop. Located in the old market area, the boutique is full of vintage, name brand treasures  that are calling your name.With new  items coming in all the time you are sure to find the perfect accessory! You will also be able to shop at their booth every night of OFW and see their merchandise modeled on Wednesday and Saturday.


318 On The Avenue 

1653312_354545954734544_7372058079396074322_nSpring is approaching and to be prepared make sure you check out some of the great pieces at 318 On The Avenue. If you can't make it out to their Norfolk store, be sure to check out their website before you see their retail booth on Wednesday and Saturday night. Their clothes will also be able to be seen on the model platforms on Wednesday! When visiting 318 online there is always free shipping on orders of $75 or more.


Alletti Jewelry

10830888_946609685384093_7749572247114500048_oWhether you are looking for something new or the value on something you already own, Alletti is here to help.  Alletti  does jewelry appraisal, done by their expert gemologists. If you are interested in learning how to learn to make jewelry for yourself check out their silver smithing classes. Alletti Jewelry  will have their beautiful, unique jewelry  available on  Saturday night!


It Works!, Becky Jochim

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.33.07 PMDo you want to be a healthier version of yourself. It Works! products may be the perfect addition to your daily regiment. Whether your goals include being more fit or having healthier hair and skin, The It! Works girls have exactly what your looking for. Before you see their booth on Saturday night, get a preview of the products from Becky!


The Ugly Sister Boutique

Ugly SistersThe Ugly Sister Boutique  is one of the most recent additions to the boutique that will be joining us for Omaha Fashion Week. The Ugly Sister Boutique started with a  love of bling. Judy Alioth had been designing jewelry for a few years and wanted a way to share her passion of glitz and glamour with the public. Judy  wanted a store the emulated her personality and was full  of  creativity. the store was started in 2010 and is now open in Midtown Crossing. Be sure to Checkout this gem before they join on  the Friday night of OFW!


Atomic Bombshells

Atomic BombeshellAtomic Bombshells brings great vintage elements to a modern women. Atomic Bombshell carries clothing by Bettie Page Clothing, Sourpuss Clothing, and Pin Up Couture and much more. Their clothes are the perfect thing to bring out your inner Bombshell! The store full of petticoats and swing dresses is located in Midtown Crossing. They will have a booth available on the Friday night of fashion week but be sure to stop into their store now to shop and enter their Pink Couch giveaway before the 28th!



DeclaredWith and inspiration of the crazy, defining teen years, Declared brings coast minded style to the Omaha area.  The brand started by Amy Lynn with up cycling and and dying denim in her basement. The fashion photographer was then joined by her friend Jake Thacker. The pair creates 90's inspired clothing and accessories worn by stars like Hayley Willams and Vanessa Hudgens. The brand will be showing in Omaha Fashion Week as well as hosting a booth on Saturday night.



Nebraska Cancer Coalition: The Bed is Dead

tanningfact-MostCommonThe Nebraska Cancer Coalition is dedicated to educating the public on the risks  of tanning beds.  Nebraska Cancer Coalition  wants to be involved in young women 's commitment to protect themselves. The organization will be joining us on Wednesday night with their booth for the Methodist Hospital Survivor Show!



During the Survivor  show Younkers will not only have a booth before hand but is also one of our very generous corporate sponsors! Younkers is dedicated to bringing the latest trends to the community. The Bon Ton owned department store reaches out to shoppers in the area with events like the New & Now Fashion show happening march 28th!


tat'zTat'z Nail'z

Tat'z Nail'z will bringing the latest technology in nails to Omaha Fashion Week. they will join us Thursday and Friday night.With Tat'z Nail'z  technology meets beauty. Not only can you put any digital image on your nail at photo quality, but you can do it in less than 10 seconds. With their specialized machine fashion nails are just moments away. On their website you have the ability to create you own design to be printed.With Tat'z nail'z your nails will be your best accessory.




Ensemble is a premium menswear store. They are located in Country side village. Ensemble carries a variety of name brands including Jack Spade, Jonathan Alder, and John Varvatos.  Ensemble works to create a contemporary shopping environment as a mens boutique. The Boutique will have a model presentation Saturday night before the show.


Be sure to check out all these boutiques before and during Omaha Fashion Week!


Still interested in being apart of the OFW?

Contact Assistant Producer Kylie Bollwitt, at

Here come the boutiques of Omaha!

Get your wallets ready..... Here come the boutiques of Omaha!  before you make your way to your seats at Omaha Fashion Week's March 2015 shows, take a moment to browse and shop the latest trends found in these local Nebraska boutiques:

BeYourself Boutique (March 13-14th)

Pretty In Patina (March 10-15th)

318 On The Avenue (March 11th and March 14th)

Alletti Jewelry (March 14th)

It! Works, Becky Jochim (March 14th)


Show your inner YOU with BeYourself Boutique.beyourself newThis boutique centers on how the clothes make you feel rather than what size you are wearing. BeYourself has a unique sizing pattern based on colors rather than numbers. BeYourself was founded in 2005 by two sisters, Kim Vasey and Jennie O’Dell with the mission to boost the self- esteem of women with beautiful clothes. The idea was so popular that the company grew in October of 2010 with the opening of a Lincoln store. The entire team  works to bring the latest trends while building the self confidence of the women of the Omaha area.


pretty in patina newAre You Looking for name brand designer accessories but want something with a little more character?- Then Pretty in Patina is the perfect place for you! Pretty in Patina is a local Omaha boutique full of vintage treasures. The store carries name brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Louboutin. Pretty in Patina is located in the Old Market area.  Owner Elizabeth Kittell began the company about two years ago selling online. In late 2014, Kittell decided a brick and mortar option was exactly what her company needed.


318 new

Though you won’t find these clothes in Omaha, this Norfolk based boutique has the perfect addition to every wardrobe. Three Eighteen On The Avenue  was started by Marie Schroeder in October of 2013. Marie earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, after her son was born she decided it was time to get out from behind the desk and get involved in the fashion industry. Three Eighteen’s contemporary, unique style flourishes in the Norfolk area. The team is dedicated to  finding all of the up and coming trends while keeping to affordable prices.The boutique’s unique clothing is available in store along with online.


it works new




Are you looking for a miracle? Well, at least a skin care miracle. Becky Jochim, Independent distributor for It Work!, is bringing just that to Omaha Fashion Week. The company started with the body applicator or Crazy Wrap thing and has grown from there! Becky has been a distributor for the company since May of 2014. Becky is a passionate entrepreneur who is invested in bringing healthy and life changing products to the area.



alletti newBeautiful, unique,one of a kind, and affordable, these are all words to describe local jeweler, Alletti Jewelry. Alletti Jewelery is located in Rockbrook Plaza and is known for its one- of-a- kind jewelry and silversmith. though known by its name today, it hasn't always been called Alletti. Patra Pakieser  opened The Silversmith Jewelry and Workshop in September of 2008.  The company soon grew, in 2010, Patra began by selling at wholesale and by 2011 she began manufacturing as Alletti Jewelry. The company not only sells beautiful jewelry but also teaches others through classes and workshops.


Want to join the fun? Get involved with Omaha Fashion Week!

Contact Assistant Producer, Kylie Bollwitt, at 

Be a part of our OFW VIP "Swag Bags"!

Attention all businesses, no matter the size!  Do you love Omaha Fashion Week and wish you could be a part of it, all while promoting your own business and/or product?  Now is your chance!!  All VIP ticket-holders will receive an Omaha Fashion Week “Swag Bag” at the F/W 2015 show this March, and we want YOU to help make it fabulous. If you'd like to participate every night of Fashion Week, you must be able to provide 1,000 products/offers.  If you're not able to provide this quantity, you can still participate by providing products/offers in increments of 200. One night: 200 Two nights: 400 Three nights: 600 Four nights: 800 All five nights: 1,000 *Which nights your products are featured in our bags will be chosen at our discretion

Click here to find out more and to apply for this awesome opportunity!

Application will close February 23rd.  Products will need to be sent to the OFW office by March 2nd (107 S. 55th St., Omaha, NE 68132).

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to contact

OFW March Retail Opportunities

Welcome to the one-stop shop for Boutiques, Salons, Retailers and Brands to engage the Omaha Fashion Week audience!  You can reserve a Retail Booth, Platform Session or an ad in Omaha FASHION Magazine ALL RIGHT HERE!  MORE DETAILS!Retail Opportunies Flyer  

Retail Booths:  Showcase your merchandise in front of a captive audience during Omaha Fashion Week! OFW will be promoting retail participants through all channels, including website, social networks, magazine, media outlets and email blasts to fashion fans and ticket-holders. By the numbers glance:  *150k+ Website Views  *40k+ Magazine Readers  *20k+ Social Media Followers  *10k+ Email Database.

Presentation Boxes/Platform Modeling:  Showcase your product on live professional models during the Younker’s Pre-Party at OFW!  OFW will provide the platforms, models and backstage dressing area. You provide the merchandise and up to four members of staff to supervise.

Magazine Ads:  Gain exposure to 40,000 fashion fans in the region’s only Provigil 200mg the Midwest fashion scene.  Full page, 1/2 page and 1/3 page options available.

For more information or assistance contact Assistant Producer, Kylie Bollwitt at:

Click HERE to secure your retail spot at Omaha Fashion Week: