OFW Posse 2019.jpg

Nick Hudson, Producer. Nick provides strategic oversight for OFW. Yes, he and Brook are married, and she says, “He comes up with the crazy ideas.” In fact, Nick was one of the visionaries who founded OFW in 2008. As a third generation fashion and beauty industry insider, he brings a wealth of knowledge to OFW. Plus, he has a great accent. (He’s a UK native.)

Brook Hudson, Producer. Brook brings Nick’s crazy ideas to life. With over a decade of marketing experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, she has a penchant for putting butts in seats. Nick says, “She’s the real brains behind OFW.” Brook runs the day-to-day operations of OFW.  Her diet consists mainly of Thin Mints, steak, and wine.

Buf Reynolds, VP of Talent and Community Outreach. Oversees all aspects of talent recruitment and retention for OFW, including selection panel, designers, models, Beauty Alliance, and volunteers. Works with community organizations on special projects related to OFW, such as the Methodist Survivor Show, Omaha Fashion Camp and Student Night.

Alyssa Dilts, Casting Director. Owner of Develop Model Management, Alyssa oversees the casting and training of models who make OFW designers' clothes look amazing.

Andrea Vanderheyden, Director of Marketing.