press pass applications are now CLOSED!


Omaha Fashion Week allows a select number of bloggers, reporters, photographers and videographers to cover the event each night of the shows. Press passes are available for qualified candidates. Press Pass Applications must include a valid news coverage website, business page, blog site, etc. Personal social media accounts do not qualify. You will be asked to provide a link to your event coverage after the season ends, to be included in our Media Round-Up. Please apply today if you would like us to consider you for this opportunity.

Bloggers and reporters will be given special seats during the shows. Photographers and videographers do not receive seats, but will be placed in a designated press area to shoot. Photographers and videographers found to be shooting outside of this area may be asked to leave the venue immediately and press permissions removed for the remainder of the season.

Meet the OFW House Team

Although we offer this opportunity to the public, OFW also works with a separate contracted team who provides superb content for our event! This is a small team of photographers and videographers who work with Omaha Fashion Week to cover all aspects of the event, venue, behind the scenes, runway coverage and event guests. Read about them below:

HEATHER & Jameson Hooton

The dynamic duo resides in Omaha, NE and specializes in many types of photography. They are fashion photography experts, capturing beautiful editorial, commercial, and runway shots. They also do weddings and workshops, making them an all around asset to OFW and the community.

Kathy Rae Byers

Kathy Rae is living in Omaha, NE and specializes in a variety of photography. She has an eye for capturing many special moments that happen backstage and on stage.


This could be you! Journalists, bloggers, photographers and videographers from legitimate press organizations who are covering OFW.