Omaha Fashion Week’s final designer showcase was presented last night at the Omaha Design Center. The sold out show was one for the books! The audience got the chance to view some amazing raw talent at this showcase. Designers who sent collections down the runway include Christopher Di Giorgio, Flor & Thace by Alesha Johnson and Alison Cloet, Mitch Henderson, Grace Neary, Judy Bales, and Dalton Taylor.

Christopher Di Giorgio

Di Giorgio showed a men’s wear collection featuring outerwear. Each look included an admirable jacket or coat. These looks were complete with distressed denim, patchwork and cowl necks. Di Giorgio is a veteran designer to OFW and previously competed in the OFW Fashion Cup.

Flor & Thace

Flor & Thace is designed by Alesha Johnson and Alison Cloet. The collection featured gorgeous gowns with velvet, boucle, and chiffon. These designs consisted of turtlenecks and boxy outerwear. Johnson and Cloet have both previously shown individually at OFW. This was there debut as a duo.

Mitch Henderson

Henderson created a collection inspired by ultramodern architecture from various cities such Hong Kong and New York. Every look consisted on mainly one color; black. Each piece had a unique construction and embodied a futuristic design.  

Grace Neary

Neary brought a collection featuring pants, tops and dresses. The San Francisco Bay Area inspired the line. The pieces used colors of teal, pink, red and grey. Neary used classic lines and subtle prints with these designs.

Judy Bales

Bales presented an avant garde collection. These designs were inspired by dance performance; ballet, modern and post-modern dance, specifically. These pieces were made out of 95% recycled or reclaimed materials.

Dalton Taylor

Taylor’s collection embodied a “ninja goth” look. He says the inspiration comes from the idea of “incompleteness.” The looks that were sent down the runway incorporated draped fabric and loose fits. Taylor used dark colors blocked with a unique print.

These designers were impeccable. What a great way to end the designer showcases! Tonight is the Develop Model Management Beauty Show. OFW is joining forces with the new TLC series, Global Beauty Masters, to bring a very exciting show this evening. Check out all the details here!

Photos by Heather and Jameson Hooton