With the space in our new home, the Omaha Design Center, we have decided to make some changes to our retail program! We will be doing away with the traditional tables used in the past for our Pop-Up Shops. Every Pop-Up Shop will receive a 10 ft. by 10 ft. space to recreate their store and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Each space will be created with sheers (shown in photo). The end goal here is to give attendees a unique shopping experience that shows off your business.

In addition, we will be offering discounted rates for same night Pop-Up Shop + Platform Modeling Sessions. Prices are noted below.

Pop-Up Shop Rental: $250/night
Platform Modeling Session: $250/night
Pop-Up Shop + Platform (same night): $350/night
1/2 Page Magazine Ad: $750
Full Page Magazine Ad: $1500

Please contact Maddi at maddi@omahafashionweek.com with any questions or comments! Omaha Fashion Week will be held August 22-27. Be there.