Dan Richters, OFW veteran, will be headlining on Friday night. Dan has been with OFW from the start. In the past he has been awarded the Omaha Fashion Cup on two occasions.

“My personal favorite part is seeing the pieces I’ve worked on for so long finally coming to life. I appreciate the collection becoming a part of a shared experience and also becoming a part of the dialogue created by the other designers,” he tells us.

Dan describes the pieces he will be working with this season as the most difficult and laborious he has ever experienced. With these difficulties, he has been pushed behind schedule but is putting in the extra time to finish this collection as planned.

Every collection that Dan has produced is built off principles and techniques of the preceding collections. “The collection is a mix of structured and flowing elements. My base material is still silicone, however I am making it read as leather. I am also hand applying all-over patterns to my fabricated fabrics,” he explains. These looks will feature highly detailed tooled-leather tops, high waisted floor length skirts, and short structured leather skirts. “The collection has a 70’s feel, as reflected in some of my favorite designers of the late 1990’s early 2000’s,” he says.

This collection is one you don’t want to miss! Join us alongside the runway Friday, August 26th to see it live. Tickets are available here. See you there!

Dan Richters, August 2015. Photos by Heather and Jameson. Models by Develop Model Management.