Madyssen Hrlevich, a women’s wear designer from Omaha, will be showcasing a collection combining both evening wear and business wear.

Hrlevich began designing during her junior year of high school. She was motivated to step outside of her comfort zone by trying something new and unique, and fashion design sparked her interest.

Popular singer-songwriter, Lorde, has had a lot of influence on Hrlevich. “Her style is a lot of menswear as women’s wear with the perfect blend of sophistication and edge. I like to use her sophisticated side as inspiration in my everyday wardrobe,” she tells us. Hrlevich also credits Oscar De La Renta to inspiring her work.

The young designer plans to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to work towards a degree in textiles, merchandising, and fashion design. In 10 years, Hrlevich plans to be living in New York. “My goal is to own a local business that supports local designers, a similar idea to what Omaha Fashion Week provides for their designers,” she explains.

Hrlevich's collection, as stated above, will be combining women’s evening wear in the early 1900’s and today’s women’s business wear. She mentions, “My inspiration for using techniques from the early 1900’s came from a lot of time spent watching the Titanic over and over. There is something so enchanting and elegant about the gowns they wore that I instantly fell in love with.” She will also be using embroidery to create pattern styles from the gowns that will incorporate that era with todays.

OFW is pleased to welcome Hrlevich to March’s shows! Tickets to see her collection can be purchased here. See you there!