Alison Cloet and Alesha Johnson are teaming up this season to bring our audience Flor & Thace. Cloet and Johnson are both currently studying fashion design at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

This will be Cloet's third consecutive year participating in Omaha Fashion Week (OFW). Johnson has participated twice. Their collection will feature many rich colors and textured fabric with hand details inspired by moss and ivy. “We really want to create a more diverse eveningwear collection with more than just dresses so we’ll be making structured outerwear as well,” Cloet tells us.

As mentioned, both Cloet and Johnson currently attend UNL. They are passionate about furthering their skills through classes and real life experiences. “I hope to learn as much as I possibly can while in school and improve upon construction and illustration skills,” Johnson explains. In the future, she hopes to start a boutique emphasizing slow fashion.

When asked about future career plans, Cloet tells us she goes back and forth between wanting to live in the city and wanting to surround herself with nature. She says, “I might be owning a small boutique or I might be working for a huge fashion house. Who knows.”

We asked this duo what they are looking forward to most this season, Cloet tells us, “Co-designing with my best friend, Alesha. So far it’s been great to hear each other out about concerns of designs and using more professional techniques and we’re learning so much from each other.” Johnson agrees and tells us working with Cloet has encouraged her to step outside of her comfort zone and continue to expand her horizons.

We are excited to welcome these two designers back once again this March! Want to see their collection live on the runway? Make sure to get tickets for March 19 here!


Johnson (left), Cloet (right)

Johnson (left), Cloet (right)