Aaron Sobetski has been designing for two years and has shown at Omaha Fashion week in various student nights and a full collection in the fall of 2016.

The 17-year-old designer based his current collection on a modern mix of 1920s to 1940s haute couture and evening wear. Aaron says he was inspired by the late designers Christian Dior and Charles James, and he wanted to show that underneath a great evening gown there is an intense amount of construction. He utilized sheer black and white fabrics and reflective vinyl to give his pieces the look of X-rays.

Aaron also included a 3D hand embroidery he created while taking classes at Parsons School of Design in New York this past summer.

“I was already making embroidery for an art studio that I go to,” Aaron says. “When I took classes at Parsons, my teacher told me to branch out, and I looked at what I was doing art-wise and I thought ‘Why not try and mix art and fashion?’”

The young designer has already opened for New York Designers across the nation and has also shown in New York Fashion Week. Even though he has only been pursuing designing for two years, Aaron has plans to take part in the high-paced New York fashion world, creating his own label, he tells us. “You get to make what people wear, what they choose out of their closet. They get to wear you.”

See more of Aaron Sobetski here or snag tickets for Designer Showcase II of Omaha Fashion Week to see it on the runway!