Newcomer to design Margaret Larson joins Omaha Fashion Week for the first time with her label Argeaux. 

Margaret's collection, initially inspired by color, transformed into the idea of intertwined colors and eventually led to the idea of the rainbow. The collection, Margaret says, has a deeper meaning of insecurity and overcoming it.

"[It's about] realizing that you don't have to let that control your life. You can just be yourself," she adds.

She explains, in the collection, it starts with the storm representative of the insecurity. Then, through the "colors of the rainbow," there are different moods; and in the end, there is a pot of gold, which holds the idea of self acceptance and realization. 

Nature is oftentimes a source of inspiration for the 16-year-old artist and designer, she shares with us. "It's something that's all around us, so it's easy to pull a lot from it. You can never run out of ideas and inspiration from it."

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