We are very pleased to say that out of a very strong applicant set of 91 applications, the following designers have been selected for Omaha Fashion Week August 22-27, The Midwest's Largest Fashion Show : Monday: Erin Thomas, Shannon Hopp, Lameesha Stuckey, Jennifer Roberts, Allison Dutton, Maximillian Suiter

Tuesday: Kate Walz, Emely Valadez, Dominikat, Angela Balderston

Wednesday: Jessica Hansen, Liz Moldenhauer, Olajide Cooper, Terri Jen Buckner, Chessna Fernald, Kaleigh Moynihan

Thursday: Masey Rost, Williams Torres, Megan Hunt, Jessica Seeley, Hollie Hanash, Yolanda Diaz (childrens)

Friday: Juantiesha Christian, Shawntelle Kuhlmann, Joi Joison, Shamina Wiek, Ryan Dampf

Saturday: Buf Reynolds, Noah Riewer, Dan Richters, Eliana Smith, Amanda Clark, Kevin Steward, Audi Kuiken, Emma Erickson, Tiffany Headley, Sabrina Jones Stapp, Yolanda Diaz (womens), Jane Round, Jennie Mason

Congratulations to all of them! From the submissions it is clear that this year's events will be very impressive. The hunt for the midwest's best models is now on ... open casting call events are listed here for May 2, 8 & 9.  Tickets will be on sale starting May 7.  Additionally, we are pleased to announce a new show leading up to the fall line-up featuring emerging fashion design talent on July 16.  More information to come on all of our designers and events!