Along with a great set of designers on Thursday night, we will also be welcoming Terri Buckner as the headlining designer. Terri comes with years of experience in design and has shown at OFW in previous seasons. Her first collection was debuted in August of 2011.

Terri’s signature look is Bohemian style. The collection she is showing this season will be an upscale Bohemian look. She will be incorporating sequins, silks and a mixture of fabrics and textures, as well as creating unique one-of-a-kind accessories with these looks. “My target market is the woman who doesn’t want fast fashion, she wants a special piece of clothing, something one-of-a-kind, something that is as unique as she is. She is a Bohemian at heart, regardless of her age,” she tells us.

Throughout her career, Terri worked as a visual merchandiser for several major department stores in both Omaha and Los Angeles. She then opened a vintage clothing boutique in Los Angeles where she repurposed damaged vintage clothing into new pieces to sell in the boutique under her label, Nuevintage.

Terri is self-taught and has been designing for five years, “It was always a tucked away desire of mine to design, though I had never attempted a full collection until I presented to OFW in August, 2011,” she says.

“It took me over half of my life to pursue what I thought I couldn’t do and now I wish I would of trusted myself earlier. I would like to encourage every person to run after their passion, chase it down, believe in themselves, take that leap and step of faith, and find their own bliss,” she says wrapping it all up. We can’t wait to see what Terri brings with her this season. Make sure to get tickets here to see it live! See you there!