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Design a Luxe Knot Bag!


Design a Luxe Knot Bag!

Want to try your hand at design, but aren't quite ready to produce a full collection?  Our friends at Tehra & b have an opportunity for you!  They are hosting a Luxe Knot Bag competition that will award cash prizes to the top designs in two categories.  If you are the winner and your bag design goes into production, you could be eligible for ongoing royalties from sales!  Read on to learn more:


Hair & Makeup teams to vie for $2,000 prize package at OFW Beauty & Style Show March 9

6H0C8221Congrats to the following teams for being selected to participate in the OFW Beauty & Style event on Sunday, March 9! Teams will have 48 hours to create an 8-look collection.  The winner will receive a $2,000 prize package.

Welcome to the Dojo: Leslie Wilson, Rosha Taylor, Venus Watson, Corey Moore

Scissori's: Tina Spencer, Dori Walker, Bob Fouts, Jessica Billingsley, Lynn Mills

T'eez: Justine Reilly, Thomas Sena

Sirens at the Loft: Chevy Kozisek, LeeAnn, Kali, Hilary, Cory

Glitz: Gilma Lara, Ellie Nichole Jensen

Capitol's Creations: Megan Madson, Abbygayl Meyer

Garbo's Midtown Crossing: Abby Wederquist, Jen Warta, Paty Crabtree, Kalinda Mendenhall

One Drake Place: Brittany Granados, Meagan Moerles