6H0C8221Congrats to the following teams for being selected to participate in the OFW Beauty & Style event on Sunday, March 9! Teams will have 48 hours to create an 8-look collection.  The winner will receive a $2,000 prize package.

Welcome to the Dojo: Leslie Wilson, Rosha Taylor, Venus Watson, Corey Moore

Scissori's: Tina Spencer, Dori Walker, Bob Fouts, Jessica Billingsley, Lynn Mills

T'eez: Justine Reilly, Thomas Sena

Sirens at the Loft: Chevy Kozisek, LeeAnn, Kali, Hilary, Cory

Glitz: Gilma Lara, Ellie Nichole Jensen

Capitol's Creations: Megan Madson, Abbygayl Meyer

Garbo's Midtown Crossing: Abby Wederquist, Jen Warta, Paty Crabtree, Kalinda Mendenhall

One Drake Place: Brittany Granados, Meagan Moerles