Want to try your hand at design, but aren't quite ready to produce a full collection?  Our friends at Tehra & b have an opportunity for you!  They are hosting a Luxe Knot Bag competition that will award cash prizes to the top designs in two categories.  If you are the winner and your bag design goes into production, you could be eligible for ongoing royalties from sales!  Read on to learn more:

The Luxe Knot Design Contest: April 7 – 30
The Luxe Knot Design Patent #US D768,988 S is the knot pattern ornamental design for handbags. A copy of the exact patent is attached here.

We are looking for new ideas in two categories using this “Luxe Knot” feature in any manner on the handbags. The two categories are:
1. The Cultured Sophisticate: Design a handbag for that sophisticated someone who always
looks put together and constantly turns heads with their impeccable style and chic demeanor.
2. The Youthful Free Spirit: Design a handbag for a free spirit who marches to the beat of their
own drum and loves all things funky, unique and eye-catching.

  • The Luxe Knots must cover at least 20% of the handbag in any pattern, sequence, or color.
  • Line art is accepted, color renderings are preferred.
  • Designers are invited to submit designs between April 7 to April 30, 2017.
  • Designers may submit up to two designs per category.
  • The winning designer will be notified by May 8, 2017.
  • Members of tehra&b and OFW will review all submissions and select the top three designs in
  • each category. Tehra&b will make the final selection of the winner in each category.
  • Prize money will be given and sent within 7 days of announcement.
  • Submit designs to info@omahafashionweek.com.
  • The designs will remain the property of tehra&b, a Creative Enterprises Company.
  • In the event that any of the designs would be utilized for retail production by tehra&b, a royalty
  • of 3% of wholesale sales will be rewarded to the designer in a separate agreement.

Submit your drawings at info@omahafashionweek.com with "Luxe Knot" in the subject line by April 30 to be considered.  Good luck!