Omaha Design Center welcomed Omaha Fashion Week March 2016 with open arms last night. To start off the week long of fashion, OFW brought in young designers for Student Night. Part of OFW’s mission is to nurture the youngest of fashion designers by providing mentoring, educational opportunities and a professional platform to showcase their work. This night provides the means to do just that.

Students from 4-H, Omaha Central High School, Omaha South High School and the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program brought raw talent to the runway. Those designers are listed below.


·      Anna Wegener

·      Hailey Coufal

·      Megann Freese

·      Mackenzie Esch

·      Kacie Jurgens

·      Aubrey Grasz

·      Theresa Bracht

·      Whitney Heuermann

·      Rebecca McKay

·      Emma Lanik

·      Ashley Barker-Chandler

·      Cheyenne Ruhnake


Omaha Central High School

·      Moriah Clark-Dismuke

·      Aniya Greene

·      Gabriela Jaime

·      Gabriela Mendoza

·      Katie Schmidt


Omaha South High School

·      Isabel Alvarez

·      Cinthia Angeles-Rivera

·      Veronica Buenrostro

·      Heidy Chavez

·      Jenise Daniels-Branch

·      Sahsha Lovermi

·      Alondra Marrufo-Gallegos

·      Brisa Mejia

·      Gissele Montes-Rogero

·      Emily Paiz-Ochoa

·      Yanet Perez-Vargas

·      Elizabeth Rubio Simon

·      Terry Spevak Jr.


Kent Bellows Mentoring Program at Joslyn

·      Yi Yi Tway

·      Ne Tha Blay Say

·      Ne Tha Blay Htoo

·      Preshela Htoo

·      Iris Moo

·      Aaron Sobetski

·      Courtney Robb

·      Hannah Hidalgo

After the showcase, OFW held a panel discussion with fashion experts. Nick Hudson, Cora Coppock, Buf Reynolds and Alyssa Dilts took the stage to answer drilling questions by the audience. It was a night full of new fresh talent by the designers and cultivated expertise by the panel. Student Night has everyone excited for what will come for the rest of the week. Don’t want to miss out on all the action? There are still a few tickets here!

Photos by Heather and Jameson Hooton