Approaching our 10th Anniversary Season the Omaha Fashion Week posse put our heads together to dream.  

“What if we could get 50 designers to apply?” we dreamed. “What if we could get applications from all over the Midwest?” we pondered. And so we did!  

Actually, we did even better…with 57 designers applying from across the United States; from New York to Virginia, Michigan to Idaho and of course several throughout Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. We are thrilled to be interviewing a record high of 50 designers beginning this evening!  

The OFW Selection Panelists are excited to hear more about the collaborations between designers, sustainable fashion, textile creation, and extreme takes on accessories such as full body jewelry and intricate hats all vying to hit the OFW runway in August. With inspirations ranging from the wedding altar to global warming to fashion for all body types, we can’t wait to see what these designers have in store for us.  

Stay tuned to OFW Social Media next Monday to see who makes the cut! Our Panelists have a difficult choice ahead of them!