It’s always exciting to add new members to the OFW family. This month, we are welcoming our new Marketing Director, Natalie Wallace. She’s adding some fun and flare to the posse, and we are so happy to have her!

Q&A with Natalie:

What is your background for this position? 

I have been marketing by habit since before I can remember. Every time I became involved in a new club or organization, I would set to work recruiting new members, getting butts in seats, or raising awareness--even when it wasn't part of my job. More formally I have participated in marketing efforts with The Market Church, Old Market Business Association, and Hillcrest Health Services. Through these venues I have coordinated events for 1000+ attendees, made direct to consumer sales, and networked with other community professionals, preparing me for the new role as Marketing Director for OFW. From a creative perspective, I have dabbled in everything and never really become an expert in any one creative medium. But 11 years of cello-playing, a lifetime of theatre and a constant desire to craft and create has always allowed me the ability to see things from the creative's perspective and better aligned me to understand their unique set of circumstances when completing their work.

What's your favorite part about OFW?

My favorite part about OFW is the easy-to-access venue for creatives of all levels to learn how to turn their art into a viable business. The ability for a budding designer to legitimize their craft while learning how to successfully turn it into a moneymaker is really unique and a great services to the community. I also love the opportunity to be surrounded by creativity at all times.

Where do you see OFW going in 5 years? 10?

It is so exciting to join the OFW Posse just before it celebrates its 10-year anniversary and imagine what the next 10 years might bring. I look forward to OFW increasing its national recognition among the fashion community, but am particularly excited about the further impacts here at home in the greater Omaha community. As more area businesses and organizations make Omaha Fashion Week a part of their culture, we will get the opportunity to deliver culture to more attendees, mentorship to more aspiring creative entrepreneurs, and work experience to more young professionals. It is all about the chance to better our community as a whole and then send our talent out into the world to show them what Omaha can do!

What are your favorite hobbies?

Lightsaber wars with my toddler, Balin and husband, Aeric. Walks with the dog, Mayday. Yoga. Consuming art in any form (theatre, fashion, dance, galleries).

Summing up, “I am so inspired by what Omaha Fashion Week has been able to build from its humble beginnings and look forward to learning so much more as a part of the team.”

Please help us give Natalie a warm welcome to Omaha Fashion Week!