Miranda Hanson, 16 year-old designer, will be joining us for the first time this season. The young designer got her start from watching videos online, “I started getting into fashion at a very young age when I would watch hours and hours of videos on YouTube from beauty and fashion gurus. Soon I was spending those hours watching DIY tutorials,” she says. She then got her first sewing machine at the age of eight, “After I got the machine, it took off from there. I am almost completely self taught with the help of YouTube,” she explains.

Throughout her sewing career, she’s made costumes for her school’s one-act production and homecoming dresses for her friends. This will be her first full collection. “My collection is composed of mainly yellow and pink, floral is also very prominent. Another aspect I tried to bring in was the mixture of origami, structured and free flowing. My collection very much reflects my own style and pieces that make me happy,” she tells us.

Miranda will be showing her collection on Tuesday, August 23. A few tickets are still available here. See you there!