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Maria Barmettler, a newcomer this season, is a senior at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She currently studies Apparel and Textile Design and plans to graduate this coming May.

As someone who has always had a love for fashion, Maria is excited to debut a full collection for the first time at Omaha Fashion Week. “I cannot wait for the moment my designs hit the runway, I get goosebumps just thinking about it,” she tells us.

Her collection will be called Hanami, meaning special viewing of Japanese cherry blossoms. She will be incorporating the story, representation, and color scheme of the flowers in her designs. 

In the near future, Maria hopes to be working a design job in a big city. She explains, “I want to be able to get out of my comfort zone and live somewhere I am unfamiliar with but at the same time have a job that is truly pushing me forward in my career.”

In the long run, Maria hopes to have her line, Ave by Maria, in several stores across the United States. Maria describes her line as, “a clothing line meant for independent, fashionable, and passionate women. The type of women I want to be representing my clothing brand are the ones who are go-getters, determined, live each day to the fullest and spread unconditional love and positivity. Ave is meant to show people how beautiful life can be when it is full of creativity and spirit.”

Maria will be presenting her collection on March 17th.  The OFW team can’t wait to see her creativity hit the runway this season. See you there!

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