Omaha Fashion Week and Develop Model Management will be hosting a model call January 16th in search for fresh faces to walk the runway this March.

The event will be held at Westroads Mall at 2:00 pm in the Von Maur Court. Please note that this is the ONLY casting call for Omaha Fashion Week. If you are hoping to walk the runway in March, you must attend this model call.



Females: 12-30 years old, 5’7” – 6’0” tall, straight sizes 0-4, plus sizes 12-16

Males: 15-30 years old, 5’11” – 6’3” tall


General Tips for everyone: If you choose to wear a jacket, make sure to wear your number on the outside of your jacket. Do not wear accessories, such as a large scarf or big necklace that will cover your number.  If we can’t see your number, we will have to discard your information. Do not wear jewelry that makes noise when you walk, as it can be very distracting. Make sure your hair is positioned in a way that won't cover your number when you are walking.

Women: A pair of heels 3”, form fitting clothes

Men: Fitted pants or jeans are great, fitted t-shirt, pair of slick-soled shoes (no athletic shoes please)

Take a look at the attire others have worn in the past:

*This is your opportunity to show the judges that you follow the fashion industry!  Also, don’t hesitate to do even more research and check out fashion blogs like:


Most importantly, bring a positive attitude! There is no need to bring any photos. Photos will be taken at the event.


After arriving at Von Maur Court, you will need to wait in line to go through the process of taking photos, measurements, and walking on the runway. While you are in line, you will receive your model number that will need to be pinned to the front of you. We will have a code to text our mobile number at the event. You will need to text the number to receive a text that contains a link to a contact form. The form must be filled out with your contact information (make sure you enter everything correctly or else we may have to discard your submission). You will have your photo taken by an OFW photographer (headshot and full body). We will have volunteers taking your measurements (waist, bust, hips, height). You will walk on the runway and it will be videotaped. This short amount of time is your chance to shine in front of the judges! After you finish walking, hand your model number to the OFW volunteer standing by the runway.

*The images and videos taken of you will be uploaded to a private website that OFW designers will have exclusive access to in order to select the models they are most interested in using.


You will be notified by email on January 30th by midnight if you have been selected to walk in the March 2016 shows. You will NOT be notified if you are not selected. We ask that you do not email OFW or Develop Model Management about your status. Be sure that the email you give us is up to date. If you are selected, your designer will be copied on the email notice and you should email both Jamie (your person of contact at OFW) and your designer IMMEDIATLEY confirming that you have received your notice and will be able to participate. Omaha Fashion Week is being held March 15-20, so plan to be available that week. 

We can't wait to see some new faces this season! See you on January 16th and good luck!