This season, Omaha Fashion Week will be welcoming Keith Rodger, otherwise known as Kethro (Keh-Throw), as the official Music Director.  Kethro is the co-owner of Make Believe Recordings, a sister company of Make Believe Studios based in Downtown Omaha. The passionate musician will be bringing 12 years of experience in producing, creating, and mixing music.

Kethro will be collaborating with the designers this season to create musical masterpieces that the collections will jaunt to. The OFW team is buzzing to have him be apart of the event this season.

What’s more important than being good at your job? Being passionate about your career. Being so passionate that it’s not just a career; it duos as your life. “Being creative means you need to live and breathe the lifestyle. This goes deeper than the clothes you wear and the music you listen to. Your life is the expression that the world needs to hear. Your ideas are the extension of the information you soak into your mind,” he explains to us.

In an article by, Ken Sundheim wrote, “Passion fuels resilience and provides you with the ambition to learn and strive to become more competent at what you do. Most importantly than anything else, it affords you the ability to focus.” Kethro is somebody who embodies this statement wholly. There is no doubt that he is passionate in everything he does.

We asked him why he does what he does. His response?

I do this because it’s the only path that makes sense to me. Sound has always been the sense that I find the most interesting in life. Music became the language that I can understand from any part of the world. I spent a lot of time as a teenager researching through records, tapes, and the Internet on my weeknights. I failed some classes during my high school years because I spent more time with music than solving math problems. To me, music is the true history lesson of the world. From war to romance. The truth was always found in the sound. I became obsessed with creating it myself as a teen. Starting from stringed instruments and eventually discovering turntablism, drum machines and basic synthesis. I became obsessed with the technicality of these sounds and how they affect people.

Since 2012, Kethro and his colleagues at Make Believe have worked with a large palette of talent ranging from Grammy-winning artists and producers to new talent from all around the world.

We are teeming with excitement and enthusiasm to welcome Kethro as OFW’s Music Director! Check out some of his own music here.