Omaha Fashion Week will host another High School Student Night February 26th! OFW works with area high schools, clubs, and community groups to bring a night full of creativity and fun. This show offers an opportunity for budding designers to show off the work they have been doing for the past few months. Just before the show begins, there is a Q&A session with a panel of local professionals, so bring your questions!

Over the years since this show began, many of OFW’s emerging designers got their start by showing in the High School Night show. We have watched many of them move on to study Fashion Design and Textiles in College and get jobs in the field.

This year you will be able to see some outstanding teens from:

  • Burke High School

  • South High School

  • Central High School

  • 4-H


  • Joslyn’s Kent Bellows Fashion Arts Mentoring Program

  • Joslyn’s Fashion Arts Mentor Program, in partnership with Yates Community Center

    Attending High School night you are able to see the start of someone’s newfound passion. You can watch their confidence skyrocket as they walk the runway. It is about the wonder of not knowing if you are watching the next Coco Chanel or Christian Dior. While watching this show, you feel so much promise for the future.

Are you a teacher who would like to bring your students to the show? Maybe you are a mentor and have some kids that you feel would love to see their peers on the runway…

If so, you can apply to get free passes for your group!

Students with a valid student ID can also get in free!

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