As the lights dimmed on the runway last August, attendees slowly found their way to their seats. Six featured designers and two headlining designers would take the stage in the hour to come, as the second evening of Omaha Fashion Week’s Featured Designer Showcases commenced.

Models glided down the runway with grace and strength. Both men and women wore handcrafted garments, modeling hours of designer’s hard work, heart, and time. Much like the designs themselves, models spent hours getting ready to take the stage. Models had to arrive in plenty of time to have their hair and makeup styled, get fitted into the garment they’d be modeling for the evening, and line up backstage to walk the runway.

Last season, we caught up with a Develop Model backstage to follow her through the evening and show you what happens behind the scenes at Omaha Fashion Week!

Devon Walter has been modeling with Omaha Fashion Week for three seasons, after a fashion friend recommended she attend Model Call in January of 2017. Devon would be walking for SuShe by J. Tracey, the closing Headliner for August’s MOVEMENT Featured Designer Showcase.

Arriving at Model Check-In at 3:30 pm, Devon was fresh faced and ready for makeup from artists of the OFW Beauty Alliance! With the help of bright orange eyeshadow and some dramatic sparkle, Devon was now ready to have her hair styled.


But first came the waiting…with so many models hitting the runway, everyone must follow a painstakingly created schedule to have their hair and makeup done. While waiting in the model lounge, Devon had a book in her hand and headphones in her ears. She was laid back, lounging on a futon with other girls. “I listen to Passionfruit by Drake a lot. That was the first song I ever walked the runway to.” Walter said, “It really calms me down when I’m trying to shake off nerves.”

While many models may feel nervous while they’re backstage in the model lounge, Walter said that feelings dissipates once you get out on the runway. “It’s so funny, when we’re lined up backstage models will be bouncing around, dancing to the music…doing whatever they can to shake the nerves off. On stage, you completely forget about the nerves and you get focused. You get into a confident mindset and think to yourself, ‘I own this!’”

At 7:30 pm, Walter would get her hair done. Walter has short hair, so she received long, dark hair extensions that were styled in two French braids on either side of her head. Then, it was time to change into the garment she would rock the runway with later on in the evening!

Follow Devon on Instagram at    @dev_walter   !

Follow Devon on Instagram at @dev_walter!

Walter was sure to emphasize her appreciation for the Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance. “The stylists here are so great. They’re so kind and fun and really know what they’re doing. The show wouldn’t be possible without them.”

Around 9 pm, models lined up backstage as the second half of the show began. At 9:40 pm, it was go time. The latest collection from SuShe by J. Tracey hit the runway, worn by Develop Models of all body types. Walter took a deep breath as she stood behind the curtain, then the model pusher tapped her shoulder, signaling her entrance to the runway.

As she walked down the Allure Runway to Beauty, the focus in her eyes and confidence in her step was clear. “It’s an exciting and fulfilling adventure to model for Omaha Fashion Week. You get to see all the work put together. Months of hard work come together for one fabulous week. There’s nothing else like it!”



Hoping to rock the runway during our upcoming season of Omaha Fashion Week, February 25-March 2? Join us THIS SATURDAY January 12th for one of two Model Calls with Develop Model Management to select hundreds of models for our spring season!

LINCOLN • Gateway Mall • 10:00 am | OMAHA • Westroads Mall • 2:00 pm

All models aspiring to appear on the Omaha Fashion Week runway MUST attend one of these events. Arrive prior to start times to register, and plan to stay until you have completed the full process. These are the only casting calls that take place for our February shows, so be there or be square!

Questions on what to expect at Model Call? Check out the FAQ’s HERE!