Next Saturday, August 27th, we will be preparing for the final showcase of Omaha Fashion Week August 2016. This showcase will feature the best of fashion week. Top designers were selected at Rack Check on August 6th. At Rack Check, designers presented their completed collections to the OFW Panel for scoring. Top scores will be representing the finale line up.

These designers showing at the VIP Finale will be competing for the Omaha Fashion Cup prize package valued at $24,000.

Omaha Fashion Cup

o    $1000 Cash
   Provided by SAC Federal Credit Union

o      Ad in Omaha FASHION Magazine for Spring and Fall issues
   45,000+ annual readers

o      Finale table at OFW August 2017

o      Bernina sewing machine, model 215
   Swiss family-owned, Bernina is the world's leading sewing and embroidery machine manufacturer known for their durability above all else.

o      Retail booth at OFW for March and August seasons
   Twelve days of retail space

o      Personal brand development with Umwelten
   Umwelten works with emerging designers to develop brand strategies. Based out of New Delhi, India

o      Retail and marketing strategy consulting package with Design Parliament
   Design Parliament works with luxury brands to market and sell merchandise

o      Campaign model provided by Develop Model Management

Former Omaha Fashion Cup winner, Dan Richters