Mitch Henderson will be another rookie this season at Omaha Fashion Week. He is currently a high school student at Creighton Prep in Omaha.

Mitch has been involved with OFW for the past three seasons, but this will be his first time showing a full collection on the runway. In the past, Mitch helped employ a fashion program at Creighton Prep for aspiring designers. He mentions one of his biggest inspirations to be his art teacher at Creighton Prep, Jeremy Caniglia. “He encouraged me to follow my interests and help me make a plan on how to enter the fashion world successfully,” Mitch explains.

Mitch has previously modeled in OFW and decided to expand his boundaries and explore designing. Referencing the future, Mitch tells us, “I hope to be able to have completed a degree in fashion design and fashion marketing and to start promoting my label. I am thankful that I am starting my career at such a young age so that I am able to take my time and develop resources in order to be successful.”

This season, Mitch will be showing a modern avant-garde style ready to wear collection. He tells us, “The difference in large metropolitan areas such as the differences in style of New York to downtown Hong Kong has always been intriguing to me and I want to show diversity, expression and an intense look for my collection.” He will be incorporating shoelaces and zippers into these designs and focusing on colors such as black, white, gold, and silver. 

OFW is excited to welcome Mitch to the runway this season! Make sure to see his collection at Omaha Fashion Week on March 19th!