Designer Kate Bruce will be joining OFW at the Omaha Design Center this season to present a women’s ready to wear collection.

Kate is from Wheaton, Illinois, but currently attends school at Iowa State University. She began designing at a young age. “Growing up I always had a passion for anything creative and kind of always knew deep in my heart that apparel design was what I was passionate about and wanted to spend my life doing,” Kate tells us.  Throughout her design career, Kate has had the opportunity to work for two amazing companies through internships in New York City. These include Marc Jacobs International and Kate Spade New York. She has won different awards through Iowa State’s annual fashion show and has also received prestigious scholarships for her work.

The collection she will be bringing to OFW is inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. She is using a unique concept for this collection where each piece is centered on the idea of beauty found in office supplies. “I am taking a simple office supply item, photographing it with my DSLR camera, manipulating the image in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software, and transforming the item into a unique digital fabric print using a Mimaki Digital Textile Printer. Each ensemble will feature a different office supply item and will include a digital textile print that I designed,” she explains. Kate will be incorporating the use of digital embroidery and various fabric manipulation techniques as well.

In the future, Kate hopes to have established her own line of clothing. She looks forward to being involved with OFW this season and continuing her career in designing. We are excited to have Kate with us this season. Make sure to purchase tickets for March 17th HERE to see her collection live!