Ciara Fortun will be joining us this March at Omaha Fashion Week. She is new to OFW this season, and we are excited to welcome her to the runway!

Ciara is currently a high school student and designer of Noelle Designs. She told OFW some of her biggest inspirations pertaining to design come from Audrey Hepburn, as well as the fusion of old and new cultures.

Her collection this season was inspired by Old Hollywood and the Art Deco movement of the mid 20th century. She is planning to incorporate classic and timeless colors- black, white, and gold.

Ciara told us, “I hope to attend an art college in the future and either become a designer or an art teacher. I would like to develop my designs into my own brand and improve the world by giving opportunities to people to make a change in the fashion industry.”

Outside of designing, Ciara enjoys anything creative; drawing, sketching, reading, and movies.

Make sure to join us, Friday March 18th to see Ciara’s designs on the runway! See you there!