Chessna Fernald, designer of d0ll clothes, will be returning to OFW this March as a veteran designer.

Chessna began making clothing and costumes as a teenager. After attending Omaha Fashion Week in 2009, she was inspired to apply for the next year. Chessna debuted collections in Fall 2010 and both Spring and Fall in 2011.

This season, she will be presenting a collection titled ‘Wasted.’ Chessna describes this collection as a, “reflection on how our society is so quick to discard things and people they feel are of no use anymore. It is inspired mostly by New Orleans- of the streets and the gutter punks there, of the rebellious will to thrive in the face of adversity. I am also bringing dystopian elements into it, showing a society that is learning to embrace and utilize what they once considered to be trash.”

Chessna has produced several collections throughout her career. She tells us, “I use fashion design as my primary outlet for creativity. I love designing and making pieces that speak to me. I would like to start branching out and creating more marketable pieces, so that others can enjoy wearing my clothing as well. Perhaps someday I might even have a small boutique or studio.”

We can’t wait to see her collection on March 17th at the Omaha Design Center- see you there!

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