Sydney Moore, only 14, will be showing this year for the fourth time at Omaha Fashion Week.

The young designer has constructed a collection inspired by 90s grunge fashion mixed with the high school environment she sees every day. “It’s really comfortable and casual,” she says. “It’s things that my friends and I like to wear or wish we could wear more. It’s also pushing the limits and boundaries.”

Sydney says she is passionate about designing clothes that represent what is happening in people’s lives and enjoys telling those stories through her design. Within her current collection, she has printed words and phrases of “things we hear a lot and things we don’t like to face but that we talk about a lot” on pieces that she says she and other teenagers can relate to.

The 90s grunge inspiration, she says, was prompted by looking at old photos of her mother from the era. “I looked at all the old stuff she would wear and I liked the feel of it and how they expressed how they felt through their clothes.”

Sydney tells us she wants to continue designing after high school and eventually establish her own label SKM Fashion. “It’s been really fun but exhausting. I love expressing how I feel through [clothes] and showing everybody. I want to start trends,” she says.

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