Judy Bales is showing her avant-garde brand of “extreme jewelry” for the second time on the Omaha Fashion Week runway.

The fine-artist turned fashion designer has created a collection inspired by water and comprised of nontraditional materials such as aluminum screen, repurposed picture frames and fishing line.

Judy says her collection is inspired water in all of its manifestations like natural waterfalls or thunderstorms and also water in architectural settings where it has been manipulated by man. “As I was experimenting with the materials, they started suggesting water to me, and that’s how the theme came about,” she says.

The designer tells us that most of her work revolves around nature, despite the use of industrial materials. “The way I view industrial materials is that if you leave anything alone long enough, it reverts back to nature,” she says. “So, there’s a correlation between the industrial world and the natural world.”

Having been practicing art for over 25 years, Judy transitioned into fashion related work around 2010. She describes her journey as a multifaceted artist as “an ongoing effort to reveal beauty in unlikely places”.

See more of Judy Bales Designs here or snag one of the few remaining tickets to see her not he Omaha Fashion Week runway tonight, February 24!