Elizabeth Scarpino of Single Handedly Liz will show a collection on the Omaha Fashion Week runway for the first time this month.

The 23-year-old Iowa State University Apparel Merchandising and Design graduate tells us her collection is “sophisticated and feminine but sassy.” She utilized current trends in silhouette and color to create a collection of eveningwear that focuses on accentuating the female form while also achieving comfortability.Elizabeth has incorporated the use of hand dyed fabrics, including silk, to execute her vison for a “strong and independent” woman who likes to show off her personality through her wardrobe.

 “I wanted to display a visual texture,” Elizabeth shares. “With the ice dye [technique], it made it almost like a watercolor and there are different dimensions to the different colors and hues.”

Over the course of her design endeavors thus far, the designer has developed a keen focus on fabric. “Textile art is my favorite thing in the world and I feel like that separates me from my competition and my fellow designers,” Elizabeth says.

Elizabeth’s focus on fabric in her design practice was born not only out of pure interest but also as a result of her brachial plexus birth injury, which left her with complete paralysis of her right arm. “Since I [only] have the use of one arm, I’ve kind of looked at the world differently,” she says. “Even having to innovate the way the garment is made kind of gives me a unique perspective.”


Get tickets to see Single Handedly Liz hit the runway on Thursday February 23rd. Learn more about Single Handedly Liz here.