Christopher Di Giorgio is an OFW Veteran who began showing at Student Night and has since brought several full collections to the runway.

As a contemporary designer primarily focusing on menswear, this collection revisits concepts from his previous works. The phrase “practice makes perfect” is truly brought to life in this collection.  The techniques featured are waxed denim and cotton alongside hand dyed cotton fabrics and patch-worked knits. Chris says he wanted to utilize this collection to perfect previous design ideas. “I almost studied myself, in a sense,” he shares. “I feel like I find myself studying my prior work more than others.”

Chris’s designs are always “very street inspired, very audacious and gaudy,” he says. “It’s really crazy and out there. A lot of my stuff is very wild. It’s meant for more of the demographic in a fashion or arts setting,” he says.

The 20-year-old Colorado-resident says he loves the feeling he gets from designing as well as the feeling his designs give others. “It’s a social connection between you and your audience,” he says.

“It’s an amazing feeling you get every time you make a piece and someone can relate to it, like it and want it. It’s almost an emotional collection with the clothes and audience.”

See Christopher Di Giorgio's perfected collection on Thursday February 23, 2017. Buy Tickets today!  See more of Christopher Di Giorgio's work on his website.