Omaha Fashion Week's next season is just around the corner, and we're thrilled to share more about our amazing lineup of designers!

Meet Augustin M. Delgado, the featured designer behind AD-Delgado. His hand-beaded couture gowns "inspire confidence in the wearer, and display the art of fashion to the observer." Read more about his technical yet elaborate design style that evokes red carpet drama.

Share a little bit about your background and how you got into fashion.

I developed an eye for fashion and design at an early age, inspired by the women and men in my family who designed and created hand-sewn, hand-tailored clothing. They became the foundation for my creativity in textiles, color, and design. As I got older, I started to appreciate and see fashion as an art form.  I’ve become most intrigued with (and passionate about) the elaborate structures of design in Haute Couture and Avant-Garde fashion. Currently, as I get ready to show my first collection, I am inspired by the works of many great designers before me, including those I grew-up watching at home.

Pattern making.

Pattern making.

Describe your brand and the point of view you wish to convey.

My brand is couture, wearable couture, look fabulous couture, no matter what your body type or shape. Through draping, color, variety of fabrics, construction, and art, I wish to create clothing that makes the beauty of the whole individual stand out in a room.  Through design and construction techniques, I like to use fabrics in ways they may never have been used before, to push the boundaries, and to make something in a new way, with a new vision.

What are your personal goals, or goals for your brand?

My personal goals are to enhance my expertise, not only in Fashion Design but as a Designer. I plan to continue my education and obtain my Associates Degree in Fashion Design through Metropolitan Community College. I believe that, to truly dream, one must dream BIG! My top three aspirations in life would be 1) to see my collections hit the runways of New York and Paris, 2) design an entire collection for a live-action film, 3) and someday see my collection displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

Embellishments, pa

Embellishments, pa

Where do you look for inspiration? Describe some of the specific inspiration for your new collection.

I look for inspiration everywhere! It can be a simple color, culture, artistic style, historical era or simply a fashion element from around the world. I endeavor to create art in the form of wearable garments that reflect the individual and unique personalities of my clients.

For my current collection, I was inspired by Alexander McQueen and Thierry Mugler. The structure of this collection will be bold with a hint of drama and a touch of dazzling sparkle. It will have flare and flow, as well as a nice fitting silhouette that will gracefully accentuate the waist, and a masculine tailor fit. Each garment will have a soul of its own, as each piece will be ornate with its own unique artistic quality that portrays the rich variety of design and art. Whether it’s in the color, flow, and drape of the fabric, or simply in that extra detail, accessory, or Avant Garde headpiece, they will have a hint of ostentatious extravagance that will give an enchanted dream “feel” to each garment. They will define who I am as a designer and artist, and hold me true to my art.

Fabric and wall collage for new collection.

Fabric and wall collage for new collection.

What special processes or materials do you use, and what effect does it have on your work?

I use many special processes in my work, but if I had to choose my top three, I would have to say embellishments, beadwork and embroidery. They hold a special place in my heart as they were techniques I picked up by watching my great-grandmother. I dislike limiting my designs to one specific material. If it has character and personality, I will use it. Whether it's fabric, paper, wood, metal, and even recycle material, I strongly believe that everything around me has potential and can be used.

To learn more about Agustin and his work, visit his website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram as he continues to prepare for the runway in February! And be sure to grab tickets to Omaha Fashion Week February 27-March 3!