We are excited to announce the designers who have been selected to show collections during the next season of Omaha Fashion Week August 18-24, 2019!

Last week, designers pitched their ideas to a panel of industry experts brought together by OFW. The experts scored each designer and provided feedback that was used to make final selections. The designers are scored on innovation, construction, marketability, concept and the overall presentation. Keep reading for a breakdown of the week’s schedule:

Doors to Omaha Design Center open at *6:00pm every evening, show starts at *8:00pm. Join us before shows for the Pretty in Patina Pre-party, with live entertainment and shopping in the Pop-Up Shop Market, as well as the Omaha Fashion Week Red Carpet Experience! Plus, VIP ticket holders will have access to the **Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery | Dreams MedSpa VIP Lounge, where they can take in all the fashion and glamour with compliment hors d’oeuvres and drinks from the Absolut Elyx Bar! It all leads up to our main event: a packed showcase every night on the Allure Med Spa Runway to Beauty!

*The Aisle on Sunday, August 18th will take place from 2:00pm-6:00pm

**No VIP Lounge during The Aisle on Sunday, August 18th


Formerly known as Omaha Wedding Salon

Omaha Fashion Week is partnering with Wedding Essentials Magazine to make our luxury bridal showcase even better! Grab a glass of bubbly and enjoy an evening of inspiration during our glamorous bridal themed showcase. Plan your dream wedding surrounded by fashion and elegance, with delicious cocktails, a red carpet experience, and a high-end runway show full of designer bridal looks. All of this, as well as a curated market collection of our favorite wedding professionals ready to help bring your vision to life!


Terra (Latin): earth

A.N.N. Designs by Andrea Neill: "The Universe Within" by A.N.N. Designs is a collection inspired by the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Each element is given a powerful image in a line derived from nature.

Anna Naomi by Anna Kuhlman: During the 1940's war effort, women gained a sense of independence when they joined the workforce. Anna Naomi captures Americana spirit in this collection of vintage-inspired sportswear and leisurewear with modern twists.

Indigomaha by Zachary Roland: "WET PAINT" by Indigomaha brings new life to denim with a focus on combating waste and pollution through recycled garments and natural dyeing techniques. Androgynous silhouettes allow for versatility for all body types. Patchwork denim, hand-painting, and embellishment tie together a line inspired by workwear, Americana, and counter-culture aesthetics.

Karma LiLoLa by Alej Bustillos, Jr.: Karma LiLoLa brings a lavish and playful collection of evening wear, meant for burlesque performance and nightlife. A color story inspired by an early morning sunrise creates a line filled with jewel tones in wearable, classic silhouettes.

Lauren Glowacki Designs: Female empowerment and 90’s styles inspire this new line by Lauren Glowacki Designs. The streetwear collection features detailing influenced by Chicago graffiti, paired with vivid colors and patterns.

Little Jo Designs by Joenne Hartley: Little Jo Designs presents a collection of feminine evening wear that combines structure and texture in flowing gowns. Floral elements are incorporated with chiffon and tulle to add movement to these elegant designs.

Malek R. by Malek Rasmussen: A focus on craftsmanship and quality inspires Malek R.'s line of hand-stitched accessories and versatile clothing. Onyx leather and fur add warmth to a diverse collection for everyday wear.

RoninScar by Alexander Scarpello: RoninScar’s new collection takes inspiration from the wilderness, Japanese samurai culture, and mythical creatures to create a masculine line with a gloomy, eerie aesthetic. Exaggerated silhouettes and assorted textures create an imaginative, ready-to-wear line.


Aura (Latin): breath (of air); wind

Anna Leigh by Anna Heinold: "Got a light?" by Anna Leigh demonstrates the negative effects of cigarettes, and is dedicated to her late grandmother’s experience with smoking and how it changed her life. Silk gauze transitions from pink to black to create powerful imagery that emphasizes the message.

Kat Burdette by Kat Wallace: The fresh start of a snake shedding its skin inspired this new collection from Kat Wallace focused on resilience. The sustainable knitwear line focuses on diversity through androgynous silhouettes and a variety of textures.

KLYNNE by Kelsey Sextro: Natural essence and beauty inspire a new bohemian bridal collection from KLYNNE. Classic romantic styles are combined with a modern twist and a minimalistic touch to bring attention to fine details.

Kyrie Eleison Couture by Esmeralda Lole: Ornate Catholic cathedrals inspire "Reconciliation" by Kyrie Eleison Couture. Bold colors and eccentric silhouettes are derived from stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and classic Catholic symbols.

MAANG by Yasi Fayal: MAANG by Yasi Fayal presents "World Peace", a collection inspired by John Lennon’s “Imagine” that focuses on a world with no war, famine, forced migration, or travel bans. Celebrating the diversity of different religions, races, and nationalities, Middle Eastern and Western silhouettes are combined to demonstrate a world in harmony.

Melissa Atkinson: An avant-garde take on evening wear from Melissa Atkinson is inspired by transgender women and their experiences. Voluminous silhouettes and bold colors add a playful tone, while the collection emphasizes the power of self-acceptance.

Rachel Pollak Designs: Butterflies and dragonflies inspire this collection by Rachel Pollak Designs. Feelings of femininity, movement, and delicacy are created with mixed textures and dusty tones.


Ignis (Latin): fire; brightness; passion

AD Delgado by Agustin Delgado: "Queen of the Night" by AD Delgado is the final installment of his Dreams Collection. Inspired by the streets of New York and city life in the 90's, this bold line displays drama and sparkle in a collection where every look grabs attention.

Aida Stenholm: Peruvian tradition and culture are emphasized in this collection by Aida Stenholm. Traditional blankets with patterns passed down for generations are combined with Italian leather in handmade accessories.

Judy Bales Design: "Structure and Flow" by Judy Bales Design embodies the idea of freedom within boundaries. Soft fluidity is merged with structured geometric shapes to create dramatic silhouettes in a marriage of opposites.

Nokota.Style by Tonya Pesch: Nokota.Style focuses on empowering women through her collection "Route West", filled with Western-inspired bohemian looks. An adventurous spirit is expressed through graphic prints, fringe, and detailing to personify fashion that’s free from constraints.

Pattern + Shape by Erin Hennings: Pattern + Shape's collection of looks for the whole family transitions from day to night in an accessible, wearable way. Exciting prints, reversible clothing, and versatility create a fully encompassing line.

Rachel Andrew: This collection of children’s wear by Rachel Andrew uses quilting in unique pieces with classic silhouettes. A spirit of playfulness is seen in vivid jewel tones and geometric shapes.

ROOM 22 by Andrew Hale: "The Prodigal" collection by ROOM 22 examines the origin of humanity's fear and the idea that man creates his own demise. Human development shapes the collection and challenges societal norms.


Aether (Latin): the upper regions of space; the clear sky; the heavens

Amanda Casarez: This collection from Amanda Casarez entitled "Fractured" merges high fashion quality with streetwear looks for all body types. Grungy, utilitarian styles give a tomboy vibe while bold prints and colors bring in a mix of femininity.

Angela B. by Angela Balderston: Angela B.'s avant garde collection "POLLUTION" expresses dangers the dangers of a planet ravaged by climate change. An ethereal feeling quickly transitions to illustrate the planet's decline, with references to fossil fuels, drought, and more.

Chessna von Abstrakt: Chessna von Abstrakt's collection emphasizes upcycling to highlight the importance of reducing waste. A dystopian future with scarce resources is incorporated with a cyberpunk style in this line.

Crystal Brakhage Designs: The zodiac signs come to life in this collection by Crystal Brakhage Designs. Daring and down-to-earth fuse together in this wearable line full of flow, fringe, and fur.

MELODYNOY by Melody Noy: With a focus on empowering women and androgynous tailoring, MELODYNOY's collection of statement garments evokes feelings of power and luxury. Unexpected color pairings and exaggerations bring life to the texture-filled line.

Vivi Design Studio by Claire Thomas-Morgan: Medieval and Renaissance Era religious art inspires this children’s collection by Vivi Design Studio. With creative prints, and ruffles in the place of traditional armor, the line mixes playfulness with sophistication.


Celebrate the best of Omaha Fashion Week and watch the top Emerging and Featured Designers compete for their respective Fashion Cups and prize packages! Finalists to be announced in August!


Bask in the glory of another completed season of Omaha Fashion Week and shop your favorite looks straight from the runway! This season's designers will be in house with current and previous collections as well as opportunities to custom order! Join the OFW Team from 11:00am-2:00pm at Omaha Design Center to shop, meet the designers, and enjoy complimentary refreshments and donuts! This event is free and open to all fashion fans!