Omaha Fashion Week welcomed a new exciting sponsor this past week! Umwelten Brands is a new business based out of New Delhi, India that works with young emerging designers using a grassroots framework. During OFW, we had a chance to chat with Sanam Ghai, the founder of Umwelten who traveled all the way from Lisbon to be with us. After doing extensive research on major fashion weeks, she discovered OFW, the Midwest’s premiere fashion event. She instantly became interested in getting involved with the talented designers we have right here in Omaha.

 Umwelten is a next-generation, luxury fashion company. That gives designers access to a mind-to-market (and vice-versa) approach using the grassroots framework of archetypal branding. The company was founded in order to bridge the gap between rapidly evolving consumer psychology in the fashion industry and the choices available in the world's best boutiques and department stores. Using the tools of brand identity and positioning, brand storytelling techniques, user journeys and personal branding for emerging designers; Umwelten aims to create a holistic environment in order to facilitate interaction between the designers and the market.

Ghai uses a four-step process with the designers she works with. She starts with phase one, establishing a brand identity—this is a personal branding campaign. Ghai mentions that this part is as, if not more, important than the collection itself. The second phase begins the story telling of the designers label. After the story is told, the next step is to discover how others are experiencing the brand. Therefore, the third phase establishes user journeys. And finally, Ghai incorporates an exit strategy when designers are ready to be independent with their own branding strategy.

Furthermore, Umwelten is strongly centered on the belief that fashion and aesthetic choices should encapsulate the evolving archetypes of identity chosen and created by and for people in big fashion markets.

Ghai mentions that Omaha is very appealing because of how individualized each designer is. After meeting with several OFW designers, she summarizes that the goals and objectives of each designer are completely different and that’s where she can step in to assist each individual in succeeding these ambitions. Umwelten is unique in the fact that their basic advisory services are free.  This fits right in with OFW’s mission, as we are the only fashion week to not charge the participating designers.

Currently, Umwelten Brands represents young designers in both Europe and India. With OFW’s involvement, they will be expanding to the United States. “In five to ten years, I see Umwelten as a full blown collective with over 100 designers worldwide,” Ghai mentions.

OFW is thrilled to team up with Ghai to further help designers grow their brand. We can’t wait to see where this takes our designers in their brand journey!



Founder, Sanam Ghai

Founder, Sanam Ghai

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