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Lights, camera... fashion!

That’s right, it’s that time of year again for all of our creative minds in the heart of Omaha to get together and create something awe-inspiring.  The Style, Shoot, Send contest comes around once a year and is an amazing opportunity for the Omaha community to team up and showcase their true talents. The stylists, photographers, designers, artists, directors, and models that make up our community are nothing short of inspiring. With the collaboration of their hard work, they bring the designs to life. Here are some of the winning teams from last year's contest:



Each and every photo tells us a story behind the designer's collection and gives us a little insight on the inspiration. That is not all I'm going to leave you with today. For more inspiration to feed your hungry eyes, here are just a couple entries that were not published in last year's magazine. Go ahead. Feast your eyes!

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It is very evident that there is much talent to behold within Omaha. If you are interested in participating in this year's photo contest, simply click here to find out more details and apply! The winning team will recieve a $5,000 prize and the winning look will be featured on the cover of the March 2013 edition of Omaha Fashion Magazine! Not only is this a great way for you as an artist to build your portfolio, but it is also a great opportunity for you to meet and work with many innovative people. So no more second guessing! Get out there and style, shoot, and send!


Outfit Recipe for 100-Degree Heat

By Kelly Newell at Scout: Dry Goods & Trade
Okay. It's hot. Real real hot. I don't want wear anything, but of course I'll get arrested if I don't. This is my favorite outfit to wear in 100-degree-burn-your-butt-yes-you-are-sweating-and-it's-only-9am-outfit. Here are the ingredients for a great hot weather outfit...
The basics, I air dry my hair and then pull it up in a messy bun and add a cute lightweight scarf as a headband. I'm super pale or a nice way to say it, I've got "porcelain" skin. Either way, my legs are far too white for me to be comfortable in shorts without a little fake tan. I got a gift card to Sephora for Christmas so I splurged on some $35 sunless tanner/bronzer by Lorac. It works perfectly and just the way it's supposed to. In the warmer months, I usually get a pedicure every couple months and have been leaning towards these really pretty (and girly-unusal for me) papaya colors lately. When it's super hot out like it's been, I'll usually just wear a moisturizer with built in sunscreen and then a little of this cheek stain by Tarte that I also found at Sephora (also a splurge, but it will last forever, so I can justify it).
Start with an easy top that's got some visual interest and you won't need as much jewelry. Bonus points if it's a top that you don't need to wear a bra with. There are so many awesome colored shorts out right now and they are perfect with a cuff and functional with pockets. These sandals are cute and just as easy to wear as plain old flip flops and they stay on great when driving and running around town. I have a vintage Coach messenger bag I picked up at Scout a couple of years ago that looks a lot like this one that isn't too precious to throw around and drag through the day with me. I'll throw in a pen, mail, my wallet, a Diet Coke, chap stick, my phone and still have some room left over. I don't have a phone case and probably should since I drop mine phone so often, so I'm in the market for a case and this one is really cute. To finish the outfit off, you gotta have sunglasses-I personally really like aviators, but any pair would work. When it's really hot out, keep the jewelry to a minimum and wear one statement item like this cool gold ring and an interesting but simple pair of stud earrings. There you go, garnish with a few slices of watermelon and you're all set!!

TopShop striped top, $50 Aso, $26 PARENTESI flip flop shoes, $79 Cydwoq studded messenger bag, 375 CAD ASOS stud earrings, $10 Dome ring, $43 Ray-Ban metal sunglasses, $129 Tarte Natural Beauty Cheek Stain Natural Beauty, $30 LORAC SelfTANtalizer Body Bronzing Gradual Self-Tanner & Mitt 5 oz, $34 NARS Nail Polish Ecume, $17



Designer Selection for Fall 2011

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