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OFW Beauty Alliance: all the deets


OFW Beauty Alliance: all the deets

You may have heard about the Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance and wondered, "what the heck is that?!" Well, you've come to the right place. 

The short answer: The Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance were the folks rocking out hair and make up backstage at OFW in February.

Okay, okay, maybe you want a bit more info. So read on for the long answer....


FAQs About Hair, Make Up and Accessories Show

We’ve gotten lots of great questions about how we are running the competition and pairing up designers with stylists…here they are + answers: Where can I apply for my team to participate in this contest?  Accessories Designers have already been selected.  However we are accepting applications for styling teams until Feb. 5. You can apply here:

How are accessories designers paired up with hair/makeup teams? Accessories designers will be paired with styling teams on 2/26 during the Cancer Survivor Show (tickets will be provided to contest participants).  We’ll have styling teams draw names from a bowl on the runway during the show.  They’ll have 24 hours to develop & execute their concept with their accessories designer.

How many people can be on each styling team? We recommend four - a team leader, hair stylist, make up artist + stylist to put it all together.

How many models can be in each collection? There will be 10 looks in each collection.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of accessories per model? Nope! Load ‘em up.  We want this to be a visual explosion!

What is the black outfit the models will be wearing? (Leggings & tank top? Button down & dress slacks?) Good question.  We don’t quite have the answer to this.  It will involve fabric

Will the designers be choosing their own models or are they assigned? Models will be assigned by Develop Model Management.

Can designers choose number of male and female models? Yes, accessories designers can choose the number of males vs. female models. Details on how to do this will be provided to designers who are selected.

What are the judging categories and who will be doing the judging? Broad themes will be creativity & visual impact. Judges will be announced on the OFW Blog soon.

Email us at if you have other questions to add to this list.  Thanks!!

OFW Team