You may have heard about the Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance and wondered, "what the heck is that?!" Well, you've come to the right place. 

The short answer: The Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance were the folks rocking out hair and make up backstage at OFW in February.

Okay, okay, maybe you want a bit more info. So here is the long answer: 

The Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance pairs professionals with top student talent to bring each designer's vision to life on the runway. We need people who are professional, ready to teach and equally ready to learn. Beauty Alliance members love to work as a team and want build a supportive community of stylists and makeup artists in the Omaha area. 

Teams are assigned to work with designers to help execute their vision on the runway. Some designers will have very specific ideas, others may be looking for inspiration from you! 

The Process

Step One: Apply. NOW! It's easy....just fill out this form.

Step Two: Selections. Those selected will be invited to an orientation May 31st. (We called it an interview before, we recognize that this caused some confusion.) At this orientation, we will talk about how OFW runs, the team behind it and what to expect if you participate. You will also have an opportunity to give feedback and ask questions with the Omaha Fashion Week team and other stylists and makeup artists attending. You will also complete forms to aid us in the pairing process.

Step Three: Pairing. After orientation, we pair styling teams up with designers and set the wheels in motion! You will be communicating with the designer, researching looks, and possibly doing some trial runs.

Step Four: Rack Check. You will have a chance to work on a model in conjunction with your designer and have your look photographed at Rack Check on August 6th. Each team is assigned a time and will have one hour to style one model. The designer then takes that model in front of our scoring panel to help them see the overall vision for the runway presentation. This helps the panel determine which designers will be selected for the VIP Runway Finale and become eligible to win the SAC Fashion Cup. 

Step Five: Showtime! Shows take place August 21st- 26th. Each styling team will be asked to style on two nights determined by your designer's placement. You are welcome to join us for more! All styling takes place on site at the Omaha Design Center.

We are super excited about our 10th Anniversary season and look forward to working with you!