With only a couple short weeks left until show time, designers are getting down to business finishing up their collections. Omaha Fashion Week will be held August 22-27 this year. For the past few months, designers have been creating some exciting work for us all to view on the runway. We got to take a little sneak peek at some of the talented creative’s latest work:

Breanne Reiss: Breanne holds a master’s degree in apparel design. She experiments with silhouette, pattern, and texture in her designs.

Jane Round: Former student at the Fashion Institute of Technology and currently residing in New York. This collection will feature hand detailing in the form of weaving, beading, and printing fabric.

Audio Helkuik: Educated in fashion design and showing a leather accessories collection.

Dan Richters: Dan Richters, OFW veteran, will be headlining on Friday night. Dan has been with OFW from the start. In the past he has been awarded the Omaha Fashion Cup on two occasions.

Monnie Winslow: Omaha based designer interested in alternative fashion. Monnie creates art, clothes and jewelry.

Terri Buckner: Terri comes with years of experience in design and has shown at OFW in previous seasons. Her first collection was debuted in August of 2011.

Chessna Fernald: Self-taught designer. Chessna is showing a collection based on the theme of flora and fauna.

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