Shhhh, don't tell....

But, we love to sneak up on our designers while they work their hearts out. I mean really though, who doesnt love a good sneak peak and behind the scenes look? No one!

Designer Kaitlyn Fitzgerald is whooping it up with her kiddos at fittings! She is WAY ahead of the game and already shooting her collection- you go girl! You will see this little number on the runway on Monday, August 17th. Snag tickets here!

Michaela Cawley, designer for KKINI swimwear looks pretty set for another OFW runway appearance in this picture she shared on social media. To see her suits snag a seat on Tuesday, August 18th here!


Holy obsessed! We cant wait to see more of the collection from Triple Thread! Come see the full collection on Wednesday, August 19th by scooping up tickets here!

Our designers are truly amazing- they even make their own accessories for their shows. Terri Buckner, designer for Nuevintage Apparel shared a sneak peak into her jewlery for her RTW collection shown on the runway, August 20th. Get tickets here!

There is nothing like last minute fabric shopping before your Omaha Fashion Week runway debut, right Leah Kettelson? We can't wait to see her beautiful evening wear line showing for the first time at OFW on August 21st. Come and experience it with us, tickets here!

Well, that's all for now! Stay tuned for more sneak peaks!

Another friendly little plug to let you in on more of the behind the scenes, hands on approach we have with our designers... We have Rack Check on Saturday where our panel will get to see first hand how prepared our designers are for the runway. They will get real-time advice and have their line shot by our amazing team of photographers as well as mixing and mingling to open up an unmatched networking experience for all the creative individuals involved in Omaha Fashion Week!

Have you heard about our amazing panel and their impact on these young designers careers?

Our panel is top notch. Here is a bit more about them:

Judy Davis is a two year board member of the Fashion Institute Midwest Board and the Fashion Institute Guild.  She currently serves as treasurer of both organizations.

Outside of the “fashion world”, Judy serves the community as Philanthropy/Event Chair on the American Red Cross Board, Board Development Chair on the YMCA Board, Chair of the Iowa West Educational Advisory Committee, a member of the  Iowa Western Community College Black Tie Committee,  and a board member of the Council Bluffs Guild of the Omaha Symphony.

Judy served as Campaign Consultant for the new Charles E. Lakin YMCA in Council Bluffs and is currently serving as Campaign Consultant for the Council Bluffs Athletic Complex. Judy is married to husband Ron, has three children and six grandchildren.

Meghann Schense is creative consultant & grit of She is a founding, executive board member for the Fashion Institute Guild, a style ambassador for Harper’s Bazaar, and “Au Courant” trend columnist for Inspired Living Magazine.

Meghann’s expertise includes media production, writing, art direction, styling, graphic design, photography, event planning, market research & analytics, e-commerce, branding, public relations, email marketing, and social media.

Vanessa Barrett has a long history with design and fashion. She began as a window dresser, with many experiences along the way including boutique owner, buyer, interior design, editor of The Scout Guide Omaha, and photographer. Vanessa is currently working in jewelry design and as a fashion/interior stylist.

Autumn Foland leads the sales and customer service efforts at Design Parliament. With over 15 years of retail and wholesale experience, Autumn has solidified a reputation for being a key player in the nation’s designer specialty and department stores. She has purchased at wholesale showrooms across the country, as well as such venues as New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, Dallas Market and Style Max Chicago.

Autumn has developed relationships with hundreds of fashion designers and top retail executives through her various buying and selling activities. Autumn is also very involved in her local community, serving as Board Member of the Midwest Fashion Institute Guild, Member of the Board and Chairperson of the Heart Ministry Center Fashion Show and a Team Captain Volunteer for The ICAN Womens Leadership Annual Conference.

Robyn Kortan was a Senior Buyer for Dayton Hudson Department Stores headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.  She was responsible for managing multi million dollar businesses for several departments. In this position, Robyn also had the opportunity to travel for the Associated Merchant Corporation and was involved with design and development of merchandise for private label to be used by Dayton Hudson/Marshall Field and several other major department stores throughout the U.S. Before retiring from retail, Robyn moved to Human Resources and was responsible for the Merchant Trainee Program and conducted professional and personal training for the Executive Merchant Team.

With these folks on the panel, we have no doubt that the August 2015 lineup will be wonderful! Join us August 17th-22nd! #BeThere #OmahaFashion