Each season of Omaha Fashion Week the opportunity to design the SAC Federal Credit Union Money Dress is highly coveted. Not only does the winning designer receive a cash prize, but they also get to show their skills each and every night of Omaha Fashion Week! 

This season we are excited to announce that the SAC Money Dress Design Contest winning design is by Aaron Sobetski. We can't wait to see his design hit the runway August 21-26 before it lives on as an auction item to raise money for charity. Be sure to snag your front row seats to see Aaron's innovative design. Here is a sneak peek of his design:

To learn more about SAC Federal Credit Union visit their websiteFacebook or pop into the nearest branch!

More about Aaron Sobetski:

Aaron has participated in many seasons of Omaha Fashion Week beginning with Student Night and quickly moving on to show his own full collections on the runway. As part of Joslyn's Kent Bellows Mentoring Program he has been exposed to mentorship opportunities and the creative culture of fellow young designers. 

Check out some photos of his previous work below! 

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