If you picked up the latest metroMAGAZINE, you probably noticed Omaha Fashion Week and SAC Federal Credit Union’s feature article. If you have not, visit http://issuu.com/metmago/docs/metroquarterly-fall-2015 to read the online version. As you may or may not know, SAC is a very important contributor to OFW’s success!

“Now, with SAC Federal Credit Union as a partner, the Hudsons are bringing designers together with bankers to maximize commercial potential. Thus, the new financial support program gives designers the financial acumen and services to put their creative pursuits on a business basis.”
Models: Develop Model Management 

Models: Develop Model Management 

While OFW and SAC are both very different within their forms of business, the goals and missions share some common qualities. Nick Hudson is quoted in metroMAGAZINE, “One of the things the team at SAC is very passionate about is helping people get started. They’ve got that mission.” Brook adds, “And we have that, too. We’re a social enterprise.”

Finding financial stability is an important part of entering into fashion business. Many times our designers are working other jobs to be able to fulfill their passion. With SAC’s helping hand, designers of Omaha Fashion Week are given the tools to be able to grow and develop into their full potential.

“We’re walking them through this journey. That begins by really developing a relationship with them to know what each one needs because they all have different needs depending on their business stage,” says Gail DeBoer, President and CEO of SAC. She goes on to say, “We bring in the right person at the right time from the credit union to help them through that next decision or that next product they might need. We want to make sure they have a business partner holding their hand, walking them through the process.”

Eventually, as the fashion eco-system grows here in Omaha, Brook envisions a brick and mortar base to anchor a dedicated design district. She is quoted, “We’ve got to have everybody together working in one place and all that collaboration going on in order to reap some of those other benefits.”

OFW is very proud of the progress and evolution of Omaha's fashion scene that has gotten us to where we are today. Develop Model Management has also been a huge helping hand within our growth by providing models for events, photo shoots, and of course runway shows. We are extremely lucky to be partnered with so many amazing businesses who genuinely care about our mission and put in their efforts to not only support but work with us to reach our goals. 

Photos and quotes are featured in metroMAGAZINE.

Models: Develop Model Management