Here are some FAQs for model-hopefuls:

Q: I've heard there is an "OFW Model Pool".  What is that and what does it mean for me? A.  Yes, there is an OFW Model Pool.  We started the Model Pool in October as a way to simplify the model selection process for Omaha Fashion Week.  In the past, there was difficulty in matching models and designers directly after a model call.  One example of a problem that frequently arose:  A model had been promised placement by OFW, who for one reason or another, wasn't a good fit for the designer and ended up being removed from the show. The result was several very qualified, displaced models who had received mixed messages.  The process we were using - casting models for designers directly after model calls - was broken.

The reality is that designers need to have more input into who is cast for their shows, and OFW still needs to be able to vet who walks in our shows.  The Model Pool allows OFW to do the vetting...and places the creative control over casting back into the hands of our designers where it should be.

Being included in the Model Pool means that you have an opportunity to be selected for OFW Shows.  It does not guarantee you placement. You may be contacted directly by none, one or several OFW designers.  They will have access to all information we have on file for you - photo, measurements, hair color, eye color, etc.  They may cast you on the spot based on your file, or ask you to come in for an interview.

Q: How do I get into the "OFW Model Pool"? A:   Anyone who walked in August 2012 was invited to participate in the Model Pool by filling out a form by a deadline, which has now past.  Now, anyone (whether you've walked for OFW before or not) who wants to be included in the Model Pool must try out at an Omaha Fashion Week Model Call.  We have one coming up on Nov. 14 at 6 p.m. at Nomad Lounge on 1013 Jones St.

Q: What can I expect when I arrive at the model call? A:  You will do four things at the model call:  1) Receive a number that should be pinned to your shirt so we can identify you. 2) Get a photo taken. 3) Visit the measurement station, where we will take your measurements and collect your contact information. 4) Demonstrate your walk for the panel.

Q: What will the photo taken of me at the model call be used for? A:  Strictly for identification purposes.  Photos taken at the model calls won't be used publicly.  They help us put a face with the name during the selection process.

Q. Why do you have to take measurements? Do they determine who gets into the shows? A.  We take measurements to help the designers get a head start on fittings.  Each garment is made to fit your body specifically - so accurate measurements are important. Without accurate measurements, a designer could end up buying too much fabric, or cutting a garment too small.  In either case, this is bad for the designer because it wastes their time and resources. The measurements are not used to determine who gets into the show - Omaha Fashion Week doesn't have a specific measurement requirement.  Ultimately, it is up to the designers to select the models who best represent their aesthetic.

Q: What should I wear to the model call? A: The panel of industry experts will want to see your bodyline, how you move and your face.  For ladies, we recommend something form-fitting, such as jeggings/leggings with a simple top and high-heels.  For gentlemen, we recommend jeans and t-shirts.  As for make-up, hair and accessories, keep it simple...again, the panel is looking for natural beauty.

Q: What happens if I am selected by a designer to walk in Omaha Fashion Week? A:  If selected, you will be required to sign a release to walk in Omaha Fashion Week (if under 19, you will need to have a parent/guardian sign for you).  Your designer will provide you with the release and collect it from you.  You will also be expected to meet with your designer as needed for fittings and do your part to help bring their creativity to life on the runway.  The designer is the leader of his/her creative team, which includes a set of models, make up artists and hairstylists.  Participation in OFW is an exciting opportunity to work as a team and all members of the team are expected to do their part to deliver upon the creative vision of the designer.

Q: When will I know if I am selected for the Model Pool?  How about the actual shows? A: You will know no later than Tuesday, Nov. 22 if you will be included in the OFW Model Pool.  This is a list of models from which designers cast their shows.  This does not guarantee you placement.  If you are included on this list, you may be contacted by none, one or many OFW designers to walk for them or to interview for an opportunity to walk.  Each designer approaches their selection process differently and the Model Pool gives them the ability to cast their shows from a group of models that have been vetted by OFW.  Given the individual approach of each designer, OFW can't guarantee an exact time of when you will know that you've been cast.  In fact, there are many instances when designers need to fill a position in their line-up at the last minute - if you are in the Model Pool, you may be called upon to fill-in during such a situation.  Often these are when some of the best relationships form between designers and models.