OFW August 2008. Fashion by Dale Heise. Photo by Chris Machian.

OFW August 2008. Fashion by Dale Heise. Photo by Chris Machian.

There is something new to feast your eyes on this season at OFW - our Evolving Art Gallery featuring the work of Matt Babe.  Matt graduated from Westside High School this past May and participated in one of our favorite student art programs - the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program at the Joslyn Art Museum.  We have frequently featured the work of Kent Bellows' fashion design students on the runway and on platforms over the years.  Now we are excited to showcase one of their top visual artists!

Matt will be creating a street art collection on canvas, on the Fashion Tent patio LIVE during OFW pre-parties (weather permitting!).  His fresh art will be hung in the gallery every night before shows start.  Throughout the week, you will see the white canvases in the gallery transform into bold, colorful pieces that will be for sale at our check in desk.

"The idea for an evolving art gallery was really inspired by OFW's very first show that took place on Jones Street in 2008," said OFW Producer, Brook Hudson.  The set backdrop was actually two huge canvases hung from the 10th St. bridge that were painted by artists on scissor lifts as the show progressed. "It was such a spectacle - we still have pieces of those original canvases in the OFW office!"

Want to learn more about Matt Babe?  Stop by his studio at Hot Shops!