Tirzah Beam is a designer from Treynor, Iowa who will be showing a collection in just a few short weeks at Omaha Fashion Week (OFW).

“My love for design actually began with a passion for sewing and construction,” she tells us. Beam grew up as a member of 4H and worked on many projects for the county fair. “I loved the independence and problem solving I used when constructing a garment. I have always loved seeing an idea through from “eureka” moment through a physical, touchable creation,” she goes on.

Beam has progressed her career by studying abroad at an art and design school in Italy. She graduated with honors with a degree in apparel design. She tells us her biggest inspiration in life is creativity and connectivity. “I’m inspired by the massive network that is humankind and its ability to love, act, and create in new and passionate ways. The fact that we can build off of each others’ work and inspire each other in a variety of outlets: art, religion, business, family life, etc., inspires me to connect with others and in turn, create,” she explains.

Beam will be showing a collection themed around a haunted hotel. After reading the book and watching “The Shining,” she was inspired to put together a collection featuring a mix of melancholic colors, sheer fabrics, hand knit pieces, and a fabric she designed herself.

We can’t wait to see this ghostly collection on March  17th! Make sure to get your tickets here to help us welcome Beam to the runway!