Another season of fashion and glamour is just around the corner as Omaha Fashion Week kicks off August 18th-24th, and we’re thrilled to share more about our amazing lineup of designers!

With a focus on empowering women and androgynous tailoring, the newest collection of statement garments from MELODYNOY evokes feelings of power and luxury. Unexpected color pairings and exaggerations bring life to the texture-filled line.

How did you get into fashion? Share a little about your background.

I've always been into fashion, even at a young age, but I didn't get the courage to work in it until my husband gave me the confidence to do what I'm passionate about. So I bought my first professional sewing machine and submerged myself in the fashion community…and I've loved every minute of it!

MELODYNOY Plunging carwash evening dress

MELODYNOY Plunging carwash evening dress

Describe your brand and the feeling you want it to convey. How was your brand concept born?

MELODYNOY is an affordable luxury clothing brand that focuses on empowering women. The MELODYNOY woman is me. She loves fashion, she loves luxury, she wants to stand out in a way that radiates respect and power. She wants to look and feel her best version of herself. The concept came from what I've always wanted to feel when I get dressed, and what I want women to feel when they wear MELODYNOY.

What are your personal goals, or goals for your brand?

My goals are limitless. I believe that it takes solid steps to climb a mountain and that's what I try to make sure I do in every step with MELODYNOY. Personally, my goals are to grow and evolve as a designer and to keep learning everything I can to stay current and implement what I learn in the brand. The sky is the limit for MELODYNOY and I hope that I can take her there.

Describe your favorite project(s) that you have worked on.

I did a runway show for Slug Magazine in Salt Lake City, Utah and I got to show a look that was very rock and roll. I'm a rock and roll girl myself, so it was really fun to show that other side of my personality. Also, working with local stylists and photographers during creative shoots is always a blast. It is inspiring to watch others creatively interpret my pieces in their own way.

MELODYNOY Turtleneck sweater dress

MELODYNOY Turtleneck sweater dress

Describe the collection you are creating.

This collection is my new take on colors, mixing textures and exaggerated tailoring. The pieces have a more artistic element this season.

What are the signature styles or silhouettes of your collection?

Though this collection is going to be more artistic than previous collections, it will still stay true to MELODYNOY's signature detail seam work and classic tailoring. She will always have that power look.

Describe the specific customer you are designing for.

She is very much like me. A woman who loves fashion but wants to be different, she loves luxury and quality but can't pay thousands for a single dress, she looks for pieces that will carry her confidently into whatever life throws her way. She is a woman who supports women.

LEFT: MELODYNOY Fringe knit two piece + RIGHT: MELODYNOY Fur blocking full length coat

LEFT: MELODYNOY Fringe knit two piece + RIGHT: MELODYNOY Fur blocking full length coat

How do you balance creativity and innovation with consistency in your work?

I am always looking for new and innovative ideas to introduce into the clothes. That's the exciting part of being a designer, to be daring and creative, but it has to come back to what makes sense for my customer. She's is the driving force for every collection.

What sort of design elements can we expect from you this season? What materials, colors, shapes, or patterns will you be using?

With this being the AW2020 collection, we are wanting to bring in new elements we haven't used before. We be pairing corsetry with knits, tailored coats with relaxed skirts, and complimenting dark hues with unexpected bright accents.

You can see MELODYNOY on the runway during our AETHER Featured Designer Showcase on August 23rd! To learn more about Melody and her work, visit her website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram as she puts the finishing touches on her collection! Tickets are selling out fast, so snag yours today!