Omaha Fashion Week's next season is just around the corner, and we're thrilled to share more about our amazing lineup of designers!

Meet emerging designer Kelsey Young, who takes her creative influence from 90's music and pop culture. Read more about her passion for positivity, and how it inspires her artistic creations for Indigo Eye Designs!

How did you get into fashion? Share a little about your background.

I originally learned how to sew in my 7th grade home economics class. I was always an artistic soul, doing my own thing. I was especially intrigued by rave shows and how the music effected how people dressed.  Music groups like Spice Girls inspired me simply by being who they wanted to be. 

Squad favorite "Peek-A-Boob" Top will be included in upcoming collection.

Squad favorite "Peek-A-Boob" Top will be included in upcoming collection.

Describe your brand and the point of view you wish to convey. 

My brand would fall under avant-garde. I hope to portray the strength and courage to be yourself regardless of what society thinks. When you step onto the dance floor, no one cares who you are during the day. It's all about letting loose and being who you are meant to be!

What are your personal goals, or goals for your brand?

My main goal for my personal life and for my brand is to work hard and create a memorable brand.  I would like to open up a local boutique where I can sell my clothing and teach others how to sew. 

Despite being a challenge, pretty sequins are still Kelsey's favorite!

Despite being a challenge, pretty sequins are still Kelsey's favorite!

Describe your favorite project(s) that you have worked on.

It's hard to pick a favorite project, as I am self taught. I strive to better myself and my brand. I put positive energy into every piece that I make and always prioritize how the individual will feel when wearing my art.

Where do you look for inspiration?

MUSIC!!! I love 90's and today's indie electronic music, which is what focuses me and puts together my greatest creations.

Bright velvets are always a favorite!

Bright velvets are always a favorite!

Describe some of the specific inspiration for your new collection.

Some specific inspiration for my upcoming collection would be 70's and 90's pop rock fashion. Big bell sleeves and bright colors. I am also inspired by people who are not afraid to be themselves and are striving to stand out from the outside world.

What kind of materials do you use and why?

I LOVE spandex, and I LOVE velvet. Bright colors and bold stripes! Anything to help someone stand out and feel confident and different. I don't do zippers or buttons because I understand that zipping up your favorite pair of pants or dress isn't as empowering for everyone. I am all about being comfy yet sophisticated!

Designer encourages everyone to "be you!"

Designer encourages everyone to "be you!"

What special processes do you use, and what effect do they have on your work?

When I create my clothing I keep in mind how the individual that is going to be wearing the piece is going to FEEL.  If you feel good in what you are wearing, you will look good! I always give special thought to the individual and their beautiful body type when creating. 

To learn more about Kelsey and her work, visit her shop and follow along on Facebook and Instagram as she continues to prepare for the runway in February! And be sure to grab tickets to Omaha Fashion Week February 27-March 3!