Hannah Swanson joins Omaha Fashion Week for the first time with her eveningwear collection.

The recent Iowa State University graduate has produced a collection of eight gowns in jewel-toned hues and silver. “I was inspired by the shape waterfalls make and how the water flows in different patterns and layers, so there are a lot of different layers and the dresses hit at different points on the silhouette.” The collection features beaded lace as well as lightweight fabrics that mimic the flowy movement of water.

The designer shares that she believes in making women feel powerful and feel good about what they are wearing. Hannah says she was inspired to design while working at a bridal shop, helping women try on gowns. “You could just see their face light up when they realize ‘This is the one, I look great!’ or ‘I feel amazing!’,” she says. “It’s just a confidence that radiates out of their face and their body language. That’s what I want to do with my gowns.”

Hannah hopes that participating in Omaha Fashion Week will provide her with the motivation and drive to continue doing what she loves and pursue her dream of designing and working in fashion.

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