Demetria Geralds, the designer behind Re`ChaunStyles, has been sewing since she was ten years old, with the support of a cousin who gave her access to fabrics and design help. Her mother, a business owner, instilled an entrepreneurial spirit within her and she uses that to achieve her goal of making garments that tell a story.


Describe you brand and the point of view you wish to convey.

When someone wears Re’ChaunStyles, I want them to exude confidence! My garments go against the grain with a mix of prints, textures, and colors. The fit is easy and the style is effortless. I believe strongly that if it makes you feel like a million bucks, you should wear it!

Past work featuring the signature pattern mixing, photo by Jim O'Keefe

Past work featuring the signature pattern mixing, photo by Jim O'Keefe

What are your personal goals?

My career aspirations are to become a costume designer and personal stylist for motion picture, television, and print. My current work, paired with upper level education and hands-on experience, will help me to master the skills needed to produce a quality body of work that is unmistakably the Re’ChaunStyles brand.

A version of the Re'ChaunStyles Signature Orb Jacket, photo by Jim O'Keefe

A version of the Re'ChaunStyles Signature Orb Jacket, photo by Jim O'Keefe

Describe your favorite project or projects that you have worked on.

My favorite project was designing the Re’ChaunStyles Signature Orb Coat. I have made different variations of it with its featured metallic accents and bold, eye-catching lining. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

My Air Force career took me on a 20-year tour around the world where I was introduced to amazing places and cultures that further galvanized my desire to create. Much of my inspiration comes from the ease of the everyday utility-wear that I witnessed in my travels to various countries.

Describe some of the specific inspiration for your new collection.

I am inspired by the stories that are attached to many of my pieces. I design garments that tell a story, from items that have a story. My collection gives a nod to culture. Each piece makes its own statement, and yet can be easily integrated with wardrobe staples.

Fabrics for Re'ChaunStyles upcoming collection

Fabrics for Re'ChaunStyles upcoming collection

What kind of materials do you use and why?

I am always on the hunt for hand-worked fabric and textiles. I am drawn to the ornate as well as the organic. In this collection, I take full liberty in merging the two…and some in between.

What kind of special processes do you use and what effect does it have on your work?

I am currently designing my own repeat patterns. I am still in the experimental phase but I will introduce one or two of them in this collection. This is a new process for me and I am thrilled with seeing my vision come to life exactly how I imagined.


Keep up to date with Demetria on Instagram as she continues developing her brand and creating her collection to be shown at Omaha Fashion Week this August!